Heme Oxygenase : Clinical Applications and Functions book cover
1st Edition

Heme Oxygenase
Clinical Applications and Functions

ISBN 9780849354083
Published June 16, 1992 by CRC Press
288 Pages

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Book Description

his book provides a comprehensive summary of data from basic research on characterization, regulation, and function of heme oxygenase in mammalian systems. The book also includes a major section that covers the currently used clinical methods to suppress neonatal jaundice with emphasis on the newly developed use of synthetic metalloporophyrins. This book will be welcomed by researchers and students in pharmacology, biochemistry, pharmacy, neonatology, hematology, internal medicine, and endocrinology.

Table of Contents

AN OVERVIEW OF PORPHYRINS AND HEMES AND THEIR BIOSYNTHETIC PATHWAY. Introduction. Porphyrins and Metalloporphyrins-General Properties. d-Aminolevulinate Synthetase. d-Aminolevulinate Dehydratase. Porphobilinogen Deaminase and Uroporphyrinogen III Synthetase. Uroporphyrinogen III Decarboxylase. Coproporphyrinogen Oxidase. Protoporphyrin Oxidase. Ferrochelatase. Disorders of Porphyrin Metabolism (Porphyrias). References. BILIVERDIN REDUCTASE. Introduction. References. HEME OXYGENASE AND HEME DEGRADING SYSTEMS. Introduction. Nonenzymatic Degradation of Heme by Heme Oxygenase. Enzymatic Degradation of Heme by Heme Oxygenase. References. CHARACTERIZATION AND REGULATION OF HEME OXYGENASE ISOZYMES AT THE MOLECULAR LEVEL. Background. Molecular and Biochemical Properties of Heme Oxygenase Isozymes. Molecular Cloning and Characterization of HO-1 and HO-2. References. REGULATION OF HEME OXYGENASE ACTIVITY. RESULTANT MODULATING EFFECT ON HEMOPROTEIN-DEPENDENT FUNCTIONS. Introduction. Mechanisms of Heme Oxygenase Regulation. Consequences of Induction of Heme Oxygenase on Drug Steroid and Prostaglandin Metabolic Systems. References. NEONATAL JAUNDICE. Introduction: Jaundice in the Newborn. Factors Influencing Serum Bilirubin Levels in the Newborn. Toxicity of Bilirubin to the Newborn. Developmental Changes in Cellular Ability to Produce Bilirubin in the Newborn. Possible Physiological Importance of Bilirubin. Treatment of Hyperbilirubinemia. References.

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