1st Edition

Henry Fielding A Life

By Martin C Battestin Copyright 1989

    First published in 1989, Henry Fielding is a biography presenting a fresh interpretation of Fielding’s life and thought. Using newly discovered information, including new facts, three hitherto unknown pictures of Fielding drawn from life, documents, manuscripts, and many crucially important and engrossing new letters, Martin C. Battestin – the foremost Fielding scholar – illuminates every aspect of Fielding’s life and work. Fielding and the life he led – in the West Country, at Eton, at the University of Leyden, and in the theatres and brothels, sponging houses and police courts of London – make for fascinating reading. This authoritative and timely biography will appeal to all those interested in the society and literature of eighteenth-century England.

    List of Illustrations Preface 1. A West Country boyhood and Eton (1707-26) 2. Playwright and libertine (1727-39) 3. Politics, novels, and the law (1739-49) 4. Magistrate and reformer (1749-54) 5. Consequences Notes Bibliography Appendixes


    Martin C. Battestin