5th Edition

Herbal Remedies, 5th Edition (CD-ROM)

By Unknown Author Copyright 2003
    by Medpharm

    Completely revised and updated, Herbal Remedies on CD-ROM, Fifth Edition provides information on more than 1,100 plants and 1,200 drugs, including general descriptions, etymology of names, botanical descriptions, habitats, toxicities, scientific synonyms, and vernacular names. You get essentially 4,500 pages worth of printed information in an easily accessible and searchable format.

    Plant Monographs

  • General description
  • Etymology of names
  • Botanical description
  • Habitat, flowering, and harvesting times
  • Toxicity and protection status
  • Botanical synonyms and related species
  • Scientific synonyms
  • Vernacular names
  • More than 1,500 color photographs
  • Images and/or historical drawings of the plant or details of the plant
  • List of related drugs

    Drug Monographs
  • Usage
  • Dosage
  • Modes of action
  • Use restrictions
  • Characteristics
  • Substances
  • Scientific synonyms
  • Vernacular names
  • Indications
  • Quality and safety status
  • References to international pharmacopoeias other literature

    The information can be searched by scientific names and synonyms; vernacular names with subselection of a language; substances with subselection of substance groups; indications with subselection of indication groups; and pharmacopoeias. It includes a complete reference list, a glossary, and a substance list with CAS references. With its flexible format and easy-to-use search capabilities, Herbal References on CD-ROM gives you rapid access to the information you use on a daily basis.
  • Fully searchable CD-ROM covering over 1,100 plants.