1st Edition

Herbicide-Resistant Crops Agricultural, Economic, Environmental, Regulatory, and Technological Aspects

By Stephen O. Duke Copyright 1988
    436 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Edited by a recognized leader in the field, Herbicide-Resistant Crops is the first book to cover all of the issues related to the controversial topic of herbicide-resistant crops. It provides extensive discussions of the modern biotechnological methods that have been used to develop such crops, and reviews the implications - both positive and negative - of developing crops that are resistant to herbicides. The creation and anticipated applications of specific herbicide-resistant crops are also discussed. In addition, the book covers the potential impact of herbicide-resistant crops on weed management practices and the environment, and presents issues related to the regulation and economics of these crops.
    The editor has brought together a diverse group of professionals, representing the several distinct areas impacted by the new technology of herbicide-resistant crops. The wide range of viewpoints presented in this book creates a balanced and complete survey, providing a notable contribution to the literature.

    1. Herbicide-Resistant Crops - Background and Perspectives 2. The Technology: Mechanisms of Action and Resistance to Herbicide 3. Techniques for Producing Herbicide-Resistant Crops 4. New Weed Control Opportunities: Development of Soybeans with a Roundup Ready Gene 5. Phospinothricin-Resistant Crops 6. Cotton Weed Control Using the BXN System 7. Triazine-Resistant Crops: The Agronomic Impact and Physiological Consequences of Chloroplast Mutation 8. Sulfonylurea Herbicide-Resistant Crops 9. Imidazolinone-Resistant Crops: Selection, Characterization, and Management 10. Genetic Engineering of Crops for Tolerance to 2,4-D, 11. Aryloxyphenoxypropionate- and Cyclohexanedione-Resistant Crops 12. Steps Towards Genetic Engineering of Crops Resistant against Bleaching Herbicides 13. Possible Pleiotropic Effects in Herbicide-Resistant Crops 14. Effects on Weed Control: The Niche for Herbicide-Resistant Crops in United States Agriculture 15. The Potential for HRC's World Agriculture 16. The Economics: Seed Company Perspectives 17. Herbicide-Resistant Crops: Perspectives for an Herbicide Manufacturer 18. Farmer and Public Perspectives of Herbicide-Resistant Crops 19. Environmental Concerns: Crop Resistance to Herbicides: Effects on Soil and Water Quality 20. Movement of Crop Transgenes into Wild Plants 21. Managing the Spread of Herbicide Resistance 22. Regulation: Herbicide-Tolerant Plants Developed through Biotechnology: Regulatory Considerations in the United States 23. The Regulation of Herbicide-Resistant Crops in Europe 24. The Regulation of Herbicide-Resistant Crops in Australia 25. Risk Assessment: Addressing Environmental Risks of Commercializing Herbicide-Tolerant Plants: EPA's Options for Regulating Herbicide-Tolerant Plants under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide 26. An Agriculturist's Viewpoint of Risks and Benefits of Herbicide-Resistant Cultivars


    Duke, Stephen O.