Heritage, Culture and Society : Research agenda and best practices in the hospitality and tourism industry book cover
1st Edition

Heritage, Culture and Society
Research agenda and best practices in the hospitality and tourism industry

ISBN 9781138032767
Published December 13, 2016 by CRC Press
850 Pages

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Book Description

Heritage, Culture and Society contains the papers presented at the 3rd International Hospitality and Tourism Conference (IHTC2016) & 2nd International Seminar on Tourism (ISOT 2016), Bandung, Indonesia, 10—12 October 2016). The book covers 7 themes:

i) Hospitality and tourism management
ii) Hospitality and tourism marketing
iii) Current trends in hospitality and tourism management
iv) Technology and innovation in hospitality and tourism
v) Sustainable tourism
vi) Gastronomy, foodservice and food safety, and
vii) Relevant areas in hospitality and tourism

Heritage, Culture and Society is a significant contribution to the literature on Hospitality and Tourism, and will be of interest to professionals and academia in both areas.

Table of Contents

Hospitality and tourism management

Tourism development and local community empowerment
E. Rachmawati

The effect of green hotel practices on service quality: The Gen Z perspective
D.M. Lemy

Tourists’ perceptions on tourism products in Sumedang
T. Abdullah, Gitasiswhara & T. Firdaus

Why service encounter quality is important for guest satisfaction in using meeting package?
A. Pratiwi & D.P. Novalita

The effect of store attributes on tourists’ loyalty
B. Astari, L.A. Wibowo & O. Ridwanudin

Tourism destination development model: A revisit to Butler’s area life cycle
A.H.G. Kusumah & G.R. Nurazizah

Service enhancement, in-house training and restaurant business resilience: Integrating the study framework
H.N.A. Majid, M.S.M. Zahari & N.M. Yusoff

Total Quality Management (TQM) best practices in Malaysian hotel industry: An investigation using Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) model
K.Y. Sin, M.S. Jusoh & N.A. Ishak

Unlocking tourist shopping preferences on souvenir attributes
L. Kusdibyo

The underlying factors affecting consumers’ behavioral intentions in foodservice business in Surabaya, Indonesia
S. Wijaya, D.C. Widjaja & A. Hariyanto

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards employee loyalty in hotel industry: A case study in Harris Hotel Tebet, Jakarta
R.D. Wiastuti

The non-pricing tools of hotel revenue management and performance: A conceptual paper
N.A. Ahmad, S.M. Radzi, A.M. Shahril & Z. Othman

Indigenous entrepreneurs and the moderating effect of social capital and government support on mainstream business intention
D. Simpong, M.S.M. Zahari, M.N.A. Akbarruddin & H.A. Hadi

Mediating effect of Transfer of Training (ToT) towards training and service quality in Malaysian hotels: A conceptual paper
S. Raha & H.F. Ariffin

The effect of task performance, interpersonal performance and work engagement on job performance: A pilot study of Malaysian hotel employees
S.H. Zakariah & F.M. Shariff

A conceptual framework on perceived values, satisfaction and behavioral intention of medical tourism
N.A.M. Zain, M.S.M. Zahari, M.H. Hanafiah & R. Ahmad

The managerial competencies required by Indonesia’s leading hotel groups: A preliminary investigation
S. Thio & B. King

Employee retention of outsourcing catering services in Malaysian government hospital
N. Baba, M.R. Yaakop, S. Bachok, Z.A. Hamid & A.M. Shahril

Visitors’ impulse shopping behavior at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2): A conceptual paper
A.H.A. Hamid, S.M. Radzi, N.S. Aziz & R.A. Aziz

Differences in perception between local community and destination management: A challenge in Community-based Tourism (CBT)
S. Rahmafitria & F. Rahmafitria

A study of potential operating efficiency towards service quality of Country Network Hotel
P.Y. Woo, N.A. Mustapha, S.K.A.S. Mun, S.A. Juanis & I.M. Akhir

Motivation factors, satisfaction and return intention towards dark tourism sites in Malaysia
M.K.F. Khamis & F.M. Shariff

Structural relationship of service innovation, dining experience and behavioural intention of restaurant customers
R.P.S.R. Abdullah, H.F. Ariffin, L.B. Jipiu, Z. Mohi & N.A.M. Anuar

Modelling the predictors influencing customer satisfaction in event foods
H.F. Ariffin, R.P.S.R. Abdullah, N. Baba, L.B. Jipiu & N.A.M. Anuar

Human Resource Management (HRM) practices and employees’ retention in travel agencies
N.F.I. Zailani, N. Aminudin & H. Wee

Profiting toward the Silence Day event from the tourist perspective: An exploratory study on the identification of destination image in Bali
L.Y. Wiarti

Patrons’ satisfaction towards Kopitiam’s physical environment quality in Malacca
S.N.W. Safri, Z. Mohi & N. Sumarjan

Guest satisfaction towards physical environment quality in theme hotel
T.N.A.T. Asmara & Z. Mohi

The relationship between knowledge on economic risks and homestay operators preparedness
M.A. Ghapar, S.A. Jamal & N.A. Othman

Training and development program as a source of improving employee job performance
J. Lahap, S.Z. Ibrahim, N.M. Said, A. Azmi & M.N. Syuhirdy

Components of job satisfaction among offshore catering crew: A preliminary investigation
M.A.A. Majid, M. Othman, R. Abdullah & N. Derani

The effect of physical environment on behavioral intention through customer satisfaction: A case of five-star beach resorts in Langkawi Island, Malaysia
F.S. Chang, N. Ishak, A.S.M. Ramly, N.S. Ramlan & C.H. Chu

Hotel restaurant brand attributes, dining experience, satisfaction and behavioral intention: Developing a study framework
T.A.T. Ismail, M.S.M. Zahari, F.M. Shariff & M.Z. Suhaimi

The roles of entrepreneurial competencies and organizational innovation on business performance in service sectors SMEs
A. Jamin, N.M. Akhuan & M.T. Zamri

Workplace stress, organizational commitment and turnover intention: A case of Japanese restaurant in Malaysia
M.F.S. Bakhtiar, M.T. Zamri, N.I. Hashim, Z. Othman & M.N.I. Ismail

The relationship between servicescape towards consumers’ perceptions on food truck concept
N. Ghazali, N.A.A. Bakar & N. Din

Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) and performance of four and five star hotels in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Putrajaya
S.M. Radzi, M.F.M. Yasin, M.S.M. Zahari, R. Abas, N.H.C. Ahmat & A.H. Ahmad-Ridzuan

Hospitality and tourism marketing

Historical and heritage walk as an alternative tourism activity to enhance heritage promotion and public awareness: A case study of Bandung
R. Wulandari

The opportunity of tourism communication marketing through social media networks
H.N. Zaenudin

Experiential marketing implication on museum: A case study on House of Sampoerna Museum
A.G. Subakti, K.C. Komsary & N. Khrisnamurti

Investigating the impact of marketing mix and customer purchasing decision process on satisfaction: A study on Neo milk bar in Jakarta
S.F. Rangkuti, A. Riyadi & F. Asmaniati

The impact of attitude, subjective norm, and motivation on the intention of young female hosts to marry with a Middle Eastern tourist: A projective technique relating to Halal sex tourism in Indonesia
U. Suhud & G. Willson

The role of digital marketing in sport tourism destination
Y. Rudiani, V. Gaffar & O. Ridwanudin

Communication strategies for Chinese tourists towards crisis in Southeast Asia
P. Zou & X. Hu

Opening the black box: Examining consumer-brand relationship in brand social networking sites
A. Ngelambong, N.M. Nor, M.W. Omar & S. Kibat

Maximizing Word of Mouth (WoM) engagement: The role of relationship value and relationship satisfaction in hospitality brand social networking sites
A. Ngelambong, N.M. Nor, M.W. Omar & S. Kibat

Current trends in hospitality and tourism management

Tourists’ intention to visit food tourism destination: A conceptual framework
D.N. Su, L. Johnson & B. O’Mahony

Senior tourists’ travel selection: A structural model development
I.G.B.R. Utama

Memorable tourism experiences in Mulu National Park: Scales development
M. Mahdzar, N.M.M. Zaidi & A. Shuib

Local wisdom-based service learning in tourism development
L. Anggraeni, I. Affandi & K. Suryadi

Geoheritage utilization in geotourism destination: A case study at Batur Global Geopark, Bali
M.S.D. Hadian, B.R. Suganda & A.K. Yuliawati

GadjahMada University as a potential destination for edutourism
H.P. Nugroho & J. Soeprihanto

Attraction and destination readiness towards tourists’ intention to visit solar eclipse phenomenon in Indonesia
F. Rahmafitria, G.R. Nurazizah & A. Riswandi

Adopt, adapt and adep: A Balinese way persisting to McDonalization
D.K. Sujatha & P.D.S. Pitanatri

Event sustainability and destination image: Evidence from Malaysia
T. Alfian & H. Wee

Roles of heritage tourism in preserving urban area
R. Andari, G.R. Nurazizah & H.P.D. Setyorini

Characteristic of users at Centrum Park Music as a means of recreation for Bandung community
F. Ardiansyah & S. Marhanah

Comparative study on heritage tourism destination profiles: A case of Solo and Makassar
D. Turgarini & F. Abdillah

The development of mountain tourism based on disaster mitigation in ring of fire areas
W. Kastolani

Tangiblizing the Asian authenticity in tourism and hospitality sector
A.H.G. Kusumah

Tourist activities contribution on family cohesion
R. Ingkadijaya, J. Damanik, H.S.A. Putra & Nopirin

Tourism brokering phenomenon: When tourism was not managed professionally
S. Nurbayani & S. Indriani

Does tourism trigger socio-cultural changes?
H. Gunawan & E. Malihah

The Datu-atata institution of Bajo ethnic: Between ecological symbol and citizen’s ecotourism disorientation
S. Amus, K. Suryadi & D. Budimansyah

The competitiveness of Indonesian tourism industry in facing ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)
C. Ningsih & A. Sudono

Sustainable holiday indicators
A. Noor, N. Wibisono & H.S. Athar

Perceived destination competitiveness: An empirical assessment using PLS-SEM
Z. Zainuddin, S.M. Radzi, M.S.M. Zahari & M.H.A. Ong

Tourism core and created resources: Assessment on Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) ranking and tourism performance
M.H. Hanafiah, M.A. Hemdi, I. Ahmad & D. Darson

Archaeotourism destination in Lenggong Valley world heritage site: Does Knowledge Management (KM) matter?
M.S.N. Hasliza

The characteristics of Edutourism at Cilegon Krakatau Steel industrial area
Nandi & A. Nissa

Tourists’ satisfaction and loyalty towards food tourism in Georgetown, Penang
S.B.M. Kamal, N.F.M. Bukhari, D. Abdullah & N. Din

Attributes that affect the level of visitors’ satisfaction and loyalty towards food festival: A case study of Asia Food Festival in Penang
N.S. Aziz, N.A.M. Anuar, A.H.A. Hamid & F.S. Izhar

A conceptual review on Edutourism in Malaysia: Understanding the research trend
N. Kamdi, N.A. Hassan & S.A. Jamal

Educational values in old mosque as a tourist attraction for historical and religious tour
A. Mulyana

Dimensional structure of rural tourism cultural attributes: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) approach
S.N.A. Akbar, N.A. Ridzuan, M.S.M. Zahari & M.H. Hanafiah

Re-vitalising Port Dickson as a leading beach resort tourism destination in Malaysia: A benchmarking approach
V. Nair, N.A. Ragavan, K. Hussain & F. Ali

Tsunami hazard signage at beach tourism area in Indonesia
M.Y. Rezaldi & D.W. Soewardikoen

Assessing the effect of shopping experiences in creating landmark shopping destination
N.M. Akhuan, A. Jamin & M.T. Zamri

Rural tourism destination accessibility: Exploring the stakeholders’ experience
S. Adeyinka-Ojo & V. Nair

Travel constraints affecting young tourist traveling domestically
H. Abdullah, N.A.M. Anuar, M.S.M. Mahadi, M.Z. Zaidi & F.Y. Azmi

Film-induced tourism: Young Malaysian traveller motivations to visit a destination
K. Hamzah, N. Aminudin, N.A. Mustapha & M.N.I. Ismail

Technology and innovation in hospitality and tourism

Revolution towards competitive tourism: An integration between cultural spatiality, creative city and Information Communication Technology (ICT)
R. Sutriadi & D.B. Anindito

Parameters that facilitate tourists’ acceptance in using wearable augmented reality smart glass in Geotourism hotspots
A. Baktash, V. Nair & H. Subramonian

Why adopting digital business technologies for Small and Medium sized Hotels (SMHs) matters?
F. Ayob & B. Hassan

The mapping of landslide proneness in mountain based tourist destinations: An overview of remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) method
N. Trianawati & F. Rahmafitria

The image of Bandung Basin national strategic area through Instagram
M. Christin, A. Prasetio & R.P. Perdana

Embedding psychographic traits into UTAUT2: A conceptual paper on Online Travel Agency (OTA) users
A.A. Azdel, H. Khalid, S.M. Radzi & R.N.R. Yusof

How does product type, trust, risk and perceived value affect online purchase intention?
A. Jiwasiddi & T.E. Balqiah

The effect of social media on tourists’ decision to travel to Islamic destination: A case of Malaysia
Z.A. Hamid, H. Wee, M.H. Hanafiah & N.A.A. Asri

Relationship between travel websites attributes and tourists’ travel decision making
N.H. Untong & F.I. Anuar

The influence of Instagram communication attributes on Generation Y sharing travel photo behavior
R. Ihsanuddin & F.I. Anuar

Factors influencing visual electronic Word of Mouth (e-WOM) on restaurant experience
D. Abdullah, M.E.R.M. Hambali, S.B.M. Kamal, N. Din & J. Lahap

Tour operators’ information and communication technology adoption in Malaysia
Z.I.M. Fuza, S.M. Isa & H.N. Ismail

Conceptualising a framework to study behavioural intention of tourists of distinct cultures towards wearable Augmented Reality (AR) application
A. Baktash, V. Nair, H. Subramonian & N.A. Ragavan

Airport self-service check-in: The influence of technology readiness on customer satisfaction
M.A. Hemdi, S.A.S. Rahman, M.H. Hanafiah & A. Adanan

The influence of third party website online reviews on hotel online booking intention
M.T. Zamri, S.A.N. Sulaiman, M.M.M. Rashidi, M.A. Azizan, A. Jamin, N.M. Akhuan & N.H.M. Wasilan

Customers’ technology readiness and customer information satisfaction on tablet-based menu ordering experience
M.I. Zulkifly, M.S.M. Zahari, M.H. Hanafiah, M.A. Hemdi & M.N.I. Ismail

Perceived ease of use towards Point of Sales (POS) system: Four and five star hotels in Kuala Lumpur
M.S.M. Stamam, A.H.A. Bakar & S.M. Radzi

Sustainable tourism

Deep ecology as an environmental ethics for developing sustainable tourism
V. Ariani

Preferences to visit green destination in Indonesia from a stakeholder’s perspective
A.K. Yuliawati, A. Rahayu, R. Hurriyati, M.S.D. Hadian & K.N. Pribadi

Ecotourism and suitability evaluation of the Mount Salak Resort II in the Halimun-Salak National Park
A. Kusumoarto & R. Ramadhan

The potential of mount trekking based ecotourism at Tangkuban Perahu natural tourism park
S.T. Paramitha

Food security in tourism village: A local wisdom of Cireundeu in environmental management
S. Komariah

Indigenous community, ecotourism and sustainability: Experience from Tenganan Dauh Tukad traditional village
I.K. Sardiana & N.L.R. Purnawan

Perceived value antecedents and guest satisfaction in Malaysian green hotels
R. Hamid, S.A. Jamal, N. Sumarjan & M.H.A. Ong

Measuring sustainability levels of tour operator businesses using sustainable tourism indicators: A conceptual perspective
M.A. Hamid & S.M. Isa

The relationship between green practice and green trust of five-star hotel segment
M.N.H. Hassim & M.R. Jamaluddin

Environmental Attitudes Inventory (EAI) of UiTM Penang hospitality students
N. Rahim, S.R.M. Apendi, F. Farook & A. Ismail

Gastronomy, foodservice and food safety

Hospitality in school environment supports nutrition educational package for obese school children
N. Said, R. Mohamed, N. Mohamad, R. Nordin & N.M. Nor

Knowledge and awareness on the food heritage: A gendered view
A.M. Ramli, M.S.M. Zahari, M.Z. Suhaimi & F. Faat

Competencies of consultants and authorities towards the effectiveness of the food safety system in Malaysia
M.B. Jali, M.A. Ghanib & N.M. Nor

Relationship between menu, price and consumers’ acceptance towards food truck concept
S.A.A. Tarmazi, A. Ismail, N.M. Nor, Z.M.A. Tan & N. Din

Effect of planting distance and chitosan concentration on the growth of seed potatoes breeder G0 virus-free in aeroponics
R. Budiasih, N. Sondari, A. Komariah, L. Amalia & Romiyadi

Risk factors influencing food security of the elderly during a flood disaster
A.N.A. Alias, N.M. Nor, N.I.M. Fahmi-Teng & U.M.M. Asmawi

Study of Sate Padang preservation viewed from Minangkabau indigenous entrepreneurial ethics
M.N.A. Abdullah & W. Priatini

Traditional food of West Java: Is it feasible to become a tourist attraction?
A. Sudono, C. Ningsih & R. Miftah

Urban and suburban adolescents’ knowledge, attitudes and practices of food hygiene
A.N.S. Awang-Teh, M.R.A. Hamid, N.M. Nor & U.M.M. Asmawi

An exploratory study on traditional food of Semarang as a cultural and heritage product
W. Ardiyati, J.A. Wiwaha & B. Hartono

Pork free restaurants: Halal knowledge of the operators
M.I. Haroun, M.S.M. Zahari, N.A.M. Zain & M.I. Zulkifly

Development of Averrhoa sweet sour pastille
N.A. Karim, N.A. Shattar, F.M. Ali, S.M. Isa & Z.I.M. Fuza

Challenges and difficulties in adopting and practicing traditional Malay festive food
M.S.M. Sharif, M.S.M. Zahari, K.M. Abdullah & N. Ishak

The physicochemical changes in ripe jackfruit (Artocarpus Heterophyllus) bulbs during cold storage
R.A. Ramli, A. Azmi, N.M. Shahril & A.F. Badiuzaman

Factors influencing students’ satisfaction towards food outlets in Universiti Utara Malaysia
M.A. Mukhtar, N.R.A.N. Azam, C.T. Chik & H.F. Ariffin

Sensory quality and physical characteristic of Chia seeds in butter cake
C.T. Chik, N. Baba, S. Bachok, Z.A. Hamid & A.M. Shahril

Assessment of knowledge, attitude, and risk perception towards the practice of using repeatedly heated cooking oil among roadside food hawkers
F.A.M. Sujang, Z.M. Issa & S.A.A. Aziz

Muslim consumer purchase behavior on doubtful Halal packed food
A. Arsat & N.I.F.C. Shalifullizam

Syubhah semi processed food and rural Muslim consumer purchase behaviour
R.A. Rahman, M.S.M. Zahari, M.Z. Kutut & K.M. Abdullah

Commitment and loyalty of the hearing impaired employees in the fast food restaurant
N.M. Yusoff, S.N.A. Darimi, M.S.M. Zahari, N.A. Mustapha & F.A. Ghani

Good Hygiene Practices (GHP) among school canteen food handlers
L.B. Jipiu, R.P.S.R. Abdullah, H.F. Ariffin, N.A.M. Anuar & Z. Mohi

Gauging students’ perception and attitudes towards Halal products and logos
N. Din, ‘A.A. Rani, F.H.F. Ridzuan, C.N. Zulkifli, S.A.A. Tarmizi, N. Ghazali, D. Abdullah & S.B.M. Kamal

Preferences towards quality, trust and trend in Halal restaurant
A. Arsat, S. Bachok, C.T. Chik & N. Baba

Relevant areas in hospitality and tourism

Sport tourism in urban area
O. Ridwanudin & E. Maryani

Regulation of commercial whitewater rafting national certification: Assessment of Indonesian whitewater rafting operators
R.M. Wirakusuma, O. Sukirman & A. Sudono

The inspiring narcissist leaders: A tale of Tony Fernandes and Richard Branson
A.H.G. Kusumah

Communication apprehension levels of tourism and social sciences students
R. Effendi & V. Sukmayadi

The orientation and value of spiritual tourism demand toward sustainable benefits in Bogor region
P.E. Pratiekto, R. Avenzora & T. Sunarminto

Should higher tourism education curriculum be adapted into qualification framework in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) era?
A. Yani & Rosita

A conceptual study: Muslim tourists’ perceived value in Sharia Compliant Hotels (SCH) in Malaysia
N.A.M. Azmin, H.N. Ismail & Z. Khalifah

The trend of late marriage among young Muslim Males in Malaysia: Do wedding food cost causing the causation?
M.S.M. Zahari, M.Y. Kamaruzaman, M.Z. Suhaimi & M.Z. Kutut

Is umrah truly religious tourism?
A. Kosasih

Sports tourism event attributes, destination image and revisit intention
A.M. Shahril, S. Bachok, N. Baba, Z.A. Hamid & D.A. Razak

Islamic religiosity as the moderator in the relationship between values and travel decision making
N.M. Musa & N.A. Othman

Entrepreneurial intention among hospitality students: A case study in UiTM Terengganu, Malaysia
W.K.W.N. Bayah, A.S. Aisah, M.K.M. Hanum, M.G. Amanina, A.S. Noristisarah & W.N.W. Nazriah

Shariah Compliant Concept (SCC): An approach as best practice at Waqf Hotel
M.G. Amanina, A.S. Aisah, M.K.M. Hanum, W.K.W. Nor-Bayah, M.A.M.H. Adilin & I.C. Zuina

Vacation preferences in Sundanese culture: Time conception, orientation and utilization
K. Suryadi

Tourism and religion: Can they coexist?
A. Abdussalam

An integration of Graduate Competency Model (GCM)
R.A. Zain, S.M. Radzi, J. Lahap & D. Abdullah

Profundity in maxims of Eco-Islam among hospitality students
F. Farook, N. Din, M.A. Razali & A. Ismail

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    Salleh Mohd Radzi is an Associate Professor and the Deputy Dean (Research and Industry Linkages) at the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. He earned his Master degree from Florida International University, USA and Ph.D. from Universiti Putra Malaysia. His main research interests include hospitality management, strategic management, revenue management and service management.

    Mohd Hafiz Hanafiah obtained his Master of Economics from Universiti Malaya in 2007. He is currently serving as a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Hotel & Tourism Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. He is now attached to the Institute of Postgraduate Studies, Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia undertaking his Ph.D. in Tourism Economics. He has won several medals in innovation, presented numerous academic papers in academic conferences, and an active researcher in the field of tourism economics, marketing, and tourism planning.

    Norzuwana Sumarjan is a Senior Lecturer and the Head of Post Graduate Studies at the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. Her first degree was Hotel and Restaurant Management from Middlesex, UK. She then proceeds with Master in Education from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and PhD in Hospitality Management from Iowa State University, US. Norzuwana Sumarjan is also a Certified Hospitality Educator, registered under the American Hotel and Lodging Association. Her main research interests include hospitality management, quality management, and human resource management.

    Zurinawati Mohi is a Senior Lecturer at the department of hotel management, Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. She was appointed as the coordinator for Flexible Learning Program. Her first degree was Hotel Management from ITM, proceeded with a Master in Corporate Communication from Universiti Putra Malaysia and PhD in Marketing from Lincoln University, New Zealand. Her main research interests include hospitality management, service quality management, and marketing management.

    Didi Sukyadi is faculty staff of English Education Department, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. He got his Master’s degree from London University in 1997, and doctoral degree from Linguistics Program, Indonesia University Jakarta in 2005. His main research interests include semiotics, language testing, and multimodality. At the moment, he is a member of TESOL, IATEFL, ASIA TEFL, and TEFLIN Secretary. He initiated annual Conference on Applied Linguistics (CONAPLIN) in 2008, organized by the Language Center of Indonesia University of Education, initiated and became the Vice Editor in Chief of Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics (IJAL), which is now indexed in DOAJ and Scopus. He is also the reviewer of Language Education in Asia (LEiA), ASIA TEFL Journal and Rangsit Journal of Educational Studies. In addition as an academician, he is also assigned as Vice Rector for Research, Partnership and Business for Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

    Karim Suryadi is a university lecturer at the Faculty of Social Science Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. He is also a Professor on Political Communication, and dean of Faculty of Social Science Education from 2010 until now. He obtained his master's degree in 1999 and doctoral in 2006, both from Padjajaran University, Bandung, Indonesia. His main research interest includes political communication and science education. He had attended courses on democratic training for school and community leaders conducted by Heartland International, USA, in 2007, and became a guest lecture at Nihon University, Japan in 2008. His research has been published in national journals and international proceedings. Outside of academia, he is regularly invited as an expert speaker on the Indonesian National Television regarding his expertise in political communication, and as author of several national newspaper articles, sharing his opinion on recent social and political phenomena.

    Dr. Purnawarman is currently Head of the English Education Study Program at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia in Bandung (UPI). He earned his masters’ degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (SIUC) under the Fulbright scholarship and Ph.D. from Virginia Polytechnic Instritute and State University (Virginia Tech), USA. At UPI, he teaches Instructional Planning, English Language Teaching, Designing ICT-based Language Teaching, Research Methods in Education, and Learning Media and ICT in ELT. His research interest include teaching English as a foreign language, instructional design & technology, ICT-based language teaching, educational technology, lesson study, and translation. He served as an associate editor of a US-based international journal, is a member of board of reviewers in an international journal published by Springer, and is an editor-in-chief of two English teaching-related journals published in Indonesia. He currently serves as President of the Association of Indonesian Scholars of English Education (AISEE).