1st Edition

Heritage and Identity Shaping the Nations of the North

By J.M. Fladmark, Thor Heyerdahl Copyright 2002
    352 Pages
    by Routledge

    Was the shaping of nation states in Northern Europe governed by military might, or by Christian and democratic ideals? How has trade and cross-cultural exchange between Scandinavia and the British Isles shaped our historic identities, and what about the impact of global politics and marketing in recent times? These are some of the questions explored by the contributors in the context of forces that shape national identities today. Their analysis highlights the need for historical awareness when developing future cultural policy, brand profiles and marketing strategies. Looking back, Jesse Byock tells how democracy was first embraced in the north by the early settlers of Iceland, Bjorn Myhre delves into the unpredictability of historical interpretation, Edward Cowan discusses the role of 'battles and beddings' in relations across the North Sea, John Purkis writes about William Morris' fascination with Nordic culture, Stephen Harrison presents the 'winning ways' of product development and marketing by Manx National Heritage, whilst Chris Powell looks at 'Cool Britannia' today and Simon Anholt at national branding strategies. This is an inspirational book that sheds new light on old subjects, equally relevant for both public and private sector policy makers alike.

    The Icelandic Althing, Jesse Byock; The significance of Borre, Bjorn Myhre; An open mind on Snorre, Thor Heyerdahl; Odin who and from where? Anders Kjolberg; Irish and Nordic exchange, Donnchadh O'Corrain; Scotland's Nordic legacy, Edward J. Cowan; Music of the North, John Purser, William Morris, John Purkis; Following Viking itineraries, Dan Carlsson; The Hanseatic League, Gun Westholm; Renaissance in the North, Charles McKean; The heritage of seamarks and lighthouses, Dankert Monrad-Krohn; Landscapes of the North Atlantic, Nils Georg Brekke; Coastal Landscapes, Kerstin Olson; Telling the Story of Mann, Stephen Harrison; Identity on board, Bruce Peter; People and places in Greenland, Mark Nuttall; Resonance and dissonance - when the local and the global meet, Peter Howard; National branding, Simon Anholt; How cool is Britannia now? - the durability of national image, Chris Powell; Human capital and enterprise, Arnjot Stromme Svendsen; Management across cultures, Joseph DiStefano and Bj rn Ekelund; Sustainable development, David Silbergh


    J.M. Fladmark