1st Edition

Heterosis and Hybrid Seed Production in Agronomic Crops

Edited By

Amarjit Basra

ISBN 9781560228776
Published September 6, 2000 by CRC Press
280 Pages

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Book Description

Heterosis and Hybrid Seed Production in Agronomic Crops discusses how heterosis or “hybrid vigor” has played a major role in improving crop productivity and quality in order to feed the ever-increasing human population, particularly in developing countries. Plant breeders, agronomists, seed producers, and farmers will discover why the development of hybrids in the world's major food crops and why the methods of hybrid seed production are critical for achieving this goal. This landmark book deals with heterosis and hybrid seed production of major agronomic crops such as wheat, rice, maize, sorghum, cotton, sunflower, and rapeseed.

Through Heterosis and Hybrid Seed Production in Agronomic Crops, you will discover valuable information on hybrid seed production methods that is not available in any other single volume. This unique book contains relevant and essential information about important procedures to help increase crop yield, including:

  • methods for deriving second cycle inbred lines for hybrid maize
  • possibilities for hybrid seed production in wheat
  • techniques of hybrid sorghum seed production
  • production of hybrid seeds using male sterile lines of cotton
  • agronomic management in seed production plots of sunflower
  • seed production technology of hybrid rapeseed
  • advances in hybrid seed production technology of rice in China
Heterosis and Hybrid Seed Production in Agronomic Crops gives you a global perspective on essential food crops in all parts of the world. This informative guide will help you use hybrid seed production methods with important agricultural crops and increase the quality of these vital and essential food sources.

Table of Contents

Contents About the Editor

  • Contributors
  • Chapter 1: Genetic Basis of Heterosis: Search for a New Paradigm
  • Introduction
  • The Origins of the Existing Paradigm
  • Limitations of the Existing Paradigm
  • Recent Developments
  • Search for a New Paradigm
  • Chapter 2: Hybrid Seed Production in Maize
  • Introduction
  • Historical Perspective
  • Stages of Hybrid Maize Production
  • Large-Scale Hybrid Seed Production
  • Hybrids Through the Years
  • Future Prospects for Cultivar Development
  • Chapter 3: Advances in Hybrid Rice Seed Production Techniques
  • Introduction
  • Factors Influencing Hybrid Seed Production
  • Research and Practice for Enhancing Seed Purity
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter 4: Possibilities for Hybrid Seed Production in Wheat
  • Introduction
  • The Female Parent: Obtaining the Male-Sterile Line
  • The Male Parent: Selecting the Pollinator Line
  • Cross-Fertilization: Producing Hybrid Seeds
  • Conclusion
  • Chapter 5: Hybrid Seed Production in Sorghum
  • Global Trends
  • History of Commercial Hybrid Development of Sorghum
  • Sorghum Hybrids: Diffrent Classes od Seed
  • Techniques of Hybrid Sorghum Seed Production
  • Harvesting and Threshing, Processing and Storage
  • Seed Certification
  • Seed-Producing Agencies
  • Future Outlook of Sorghum Hybrid Seed Production
  • Chapter 6: Hybrid Seed Production in Cotton
  • Heterosis Utilization in Cotton
  • Expression of Hybrid Vigor
  • Genetic Basis of Heterosis Expression
  • Hybrid Seed Production by Hand Emasculation and Pollination Procedures
  • Production of Hybrid Seeds Using Male-Sterile Lines
  • Other Approaches
  • Chapter 7: Heterosis and Hybrid Seed Production in Sunflower
  • Advent of High Oil Sunflower
  • Landmarks in Hybrid Sunflower Development
  • Studies on Inbreeding
  • Heterosis
  • Development of Hybrid Sunflower in India
  • Hybrid Seed Production
  • Agronomic Management in Seed Production Plots
  • Need for Proper Maintenance
  • Chapter 8: Hybrid Seed Production in Rapeseed
  • Basic Priniciples of Hybrid Seed Production in Rapeseed
  • The Environment, Parent, and Medium System of Hybrid Seed Production and Reproduction of the Parents
  • The Purification and Reproduction Technology of Hybrid Rapeseed Parents
  • Seed Production Technology of Hybrid Rapeseed
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included

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