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Hidden Heritage
Historical Archaeology of the Overseas Chinese

ISBN 9780895030917
Published June 15, 1993 by Routledge
456 Pages

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Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, large numbers of people from mainland China emigrated to the United States and other countries seeking employment. Termed "overseas Chinese," they made lasting contributions to the development of early communities, an impact which has only begun to be recognized in recent years. "Chinatowns," rural mining claims, work camps for railroad and other construction activities, salmon canneries and shrimp camps, laundries, stores, cook shacks, cemeteries, and temples are only some of the sites where traces of their presence can be found. In recent years, numerous archaeological and historical investigations of the overseas Chinese have taken place, and "Hidden Heritage" presents the results of some of those studies.

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Part One: Rural Contexts
 The Documentary Record of an Overseas Chinese Mining Camp  Darby C. Stapp
 Archaeological Evidence of Chinese Use along the Lower Salmon River, Idaho  David A. Sisson
 Idaho's Chinese Mountain Gardens  Jeffrey M. Fee
 The Study of Faunal Remains from an Overseas Chinese Mining Camp in Northern Idaho  Julia G. Longenecker and Darby C. Stapp
 Part Two: Urban Contexts
The Overseas Chinese in El Paso: Changing Goals, Changing Realities  Edward Staski
 Inventory Records of Ceramics and Opium from a Nineteenth Century Chinese Store in California  Ruth Ann Sando and David L. Felton
 Animal Bones from Historic Urban Chinese Sites: A Comparison of Sacramento, Woodland, Tucson, Ventura, and Lovelock  Sherri M. Gust

 Part Three: Work and Leisure
 The Chinese Cannery Workers of Warrendale, Oregon, 1876-1930 John L. Fagan
 Besides Polly Bemis: Historical and Artifactual Evidence for Chinese Women in the West, 1848-1930 Priscilla Wegars
 Chinese Opium Smoking Techniques and Paraphernalia Jerry Wylie and Richard E. Fike

 Part Four: Analytical Techniques
 The Manganese/Cobalt Ratio in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Asian Porcelain  Harvey Steele
 Sourcing and Dating of Asian Porcelains by Elemental Analysis  Alison Stenger

 Part Five: Comparative and Theoretical Studies
 Form and Adaptation: Nineteenth Century Chinese Miners' Dwellings in Southern New Zealand  Neville A. Ritchie
 Old Approaches and New Directions: Implications for Future Research  Roberta S. Greenwood



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