1st Edition

Hierarchic Electrodynamics and Free Electron Lasers Concepts, Calculations, and Practical Applications

By Victor V. Kulish Copyright 2012
    697 Pages 251 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    697 Pages 251 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Hierarchic Electrodynamics and Free Electron Lasers: Concepts, Calculations, and Practical Applications presents intriguing new fundamental concepts in the phenomenon of hierarchical electrodynamics as a new direction in physics. Concentrating on the key theory of hierarchic oscillations and waves, this book focuses on the numerous applications of nonlinear theory in different types of high-current Free Electron Lasers (FEL), including their primary function in the calculation methods used to analyze various multi-resonant, multi-frequency nonlinear FEL models.

    This is considered the first book to:

    • Completely and systematically describe the foundation of hierarchical electrodynamics as a new direction of physics
    • Fully represent the physics of high-current FEL—and associated models—from the hierarchic oscillation wave perspective
    • Cover the multi-harmonic nonlinear theory of new types of electronic devices, such as plasma-beam and two-stream FEL
    • Formulate and substantiate the concept of cluster femtosecond FEL
    • Analyze practical prospects for a new generation of a global "Star Wars" strategic defense systems

    These subjects involve a wide range of disciplines. Using numerous real-world examples to illustrate information and concepts, the book offers a mathematical foundation to explore FEL applications as well as analyze hierarchic plasma-like electrodynamic systems and femto-second clusters of electromagnetic energy. Assembling fragmented concepts from existing literature, the author re-examines classic approaches in order to develop new insights and achieve scientific breakthroughs.

    Part I: Hierarchical Electrodynamics: Key Concepts, Ideas, and Investigation Methods

    High-Current Free Electron Lasers as a Historical Relic of the Star Wars Epoch

    Star Wars Program from Today’s Point of View

    Key Ideas and Potential Design Elements of the Star Wars Program

    Femtosecond Laser Systems: Basis, Concepts, and Ideas

    CFEL Systems: Methods for Formation and Application of Electromagnetic Clusters

    Other Exotic Methods of Formation of Super-Powerful EMPs

    Elements of the Theory of Hierarchic Dynamic Systems

    Hierarchy and Hierarchic Dynamic Systems

    Fundamental Principles in Natural Hierarchic Systems

    Postulates of the Theory of Hierarchic Systems

    Hierarchic Trees and the Concept of the System God

    Hierarchic Description: Basic Ideas and Approaches

    Hierarchic Oscillations

    Oscillations as a Universal Physical Phenomenon

    Hierarchic Oscillations and Hierarchic Trees

    Relativistic Electron Beam without the Proper Magnetic Field as a Hierarchic Oscillation System

    Relativistic Electron Beam with the Proper Magnetic Field as a Hierarchic Oscillation System

    Hierarchic Waves


    Electron Beam as a Hierarchic Wave System

    Elementary Mechanisms of Wave Amplification in FELs

    Hierarchic Description

    Decompression and Compression Operators: General Case of Lumped Systems

    Distributed Hierarchic Systems

    Decompression Operator in the Case of the Van der Pol Method

    Decompression and Compression Operators in the Case of the Averaging Methods

    Decompression Operator in the Case of Systems with Slow and Fast Variables

    Hierarchic Systems with Fast Rotating Phases

    General Approach

    Decompression Operator in the Simplest Case of One Scalar Phase

    Case of Two Fast Rotating Scalar Phases

    Case of Many Rotating Scalar Phases

    Method of Averaged Characteristics

    One Example of the Application of the Method of Averaged Characteristics

    Electron Oscillations in FEL-Like Electronic Systems

    Formulation of the Problem

    Cyclotron Resonances

    Parametric Resonances: General Case

    Case of Two Electromagnetic Waves

    Bounded (Coupled) Parametric Resonance in the Field of Three Electromagnetic Waves

    Model with Pumping by the Crossed Magnetic and Electric Undulation Fields

    Hierarchic Oscillations and Waves: The Foundation of the World?

    Tree of Life: The Ancient Cosmogonic Concept and Method of Investigation

    Hierarchy, Oscillations, Modern Physics, and the Tree of Life

    Evolution of the Universe in Terms of the Tree of Life Doctrine

    Hierarchic Cycles (Oscillations) in Earth Systems

    Integrity of the Surrounding World as a Totality of Seven-Level Hierarchic Besoms

    Instead of a Conclusion


    Part II: High-Current Free Electron Lasers

    Free Electron Lasers for the Cluster Systems

    Parametrical Free Electron Lasers: Most General Information

    Two-Stream Superheterodyne Free Electron Lasers: History and Typical Design Schemes

    Cluster Klystron SFEL: The Main Design Schemes and Operation Principles

    Linear High-Current Induction Accelerators

    Undulation High-Current Induction Accelerators

    General Description of the FEL Models

    General FEL Model

    Formulation of the General FEL Problem

    Method of Simulating the FEL Pumping Fields

    Parametrical (Ordinary) Free Electron Lasers: Weak-Signal Theory

    Self-Consistent Truncated Equations: Simplest Example

    Kinematical Analysis

    Amplitude Analysis

    More General Dopplertron Model: Explosive Instability

    Arbitrarily Polarized Dopplertron Model: Truncated Equations

    Arbitrarily Polarized Kinetic Model: Approximation of Given Pumping Field in the Case of Raman Mode

    Arbitrarily Polarized Kinetic Model: An Approximation of a Given Pumping Field in the Case of the Compton Mode

    Arbitrarily Polarized Dopplertron Model: Explosive Instability in the Raman Model

    Explosive Instability in the Linearly Polarized Compton Model

    Effect of Generation of the Transverse H-Ubitron Field

    Ordinary (Parametrical) Free Electron Lasers: Cubic-Nonlinear Theory

    Truncated Equations: Dopplertron Model

    Truncated Equations: The H-Ubitron Model

    Effect of Nonlinear Generation of the Longitudinal Electric Field

    Isochronous Model of a Dopplertron Amplifier

    Generation of the Additional H-Ubitron Magnetic Field

    Two-Stream Superheterodyne Free Electron Lasers

    Two-Stream Instability

    Ordinary Two-Stream Superheterodyne Free Electron Lasers

    Project of the Simplest Femtosecond TSFEL Former

    Plasma-Beam and Parametrical Electron- Wave Superheterodyne FEL

    Plasma-Beam Superheterodyne Free Electron Lasers: H-Ubitron Model

    Plasma-Beam Superheterodyne Free Electron Lasers: Dopplertron Model

    Parametrical Three-Wave Instability in Two- Velocity High-Current Beams

    Parametrical Electron-Wave Two-Stream Superheterodyne Free Electron Lasers



    Victor V. Kulish is a Professor of Theoretical Physics at the National Aviation University, Ukraine.

    "The book makes a strong impression not only by the scheme of the material organization but also by the choice of this material. One can say that it is extraordinary—really there are no analogous books in the contemporary literature of physics."
    —Peter O. Kondratenko, National Aviation University, Ukraine