High-Field Electrodynamics  book cover
1st Edition

High-Field Electrodynamics

ISBN 9780849323782
Published December 27, 2001 by CRC Press
688 Pages 65 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Tremendous technological developments and rapid progress in theory have opened a new area of modern physics called high-field electrodynamics: the systematic study of the interaction of relativistic electrons or positrons with ultrahigh-intensity, coherent electromagnetic radiation.

This advanced undergraduate/graduate-level text provides a detailed introduction to high-field electrodynamics, from its fundamentals to some of its important modern applications. The author describes a broad collection of theoretical techniques, and where possible, approaches derivations by at least two different routes to yield deeper physical insight and a wider range of mathematical and physical techniques. He also discusses some of the outstanding ramifications of electrodynamics in areas ranging from quantum optics, squeezed states, and the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox to rotating black holes, non-Abelian gauge field theories, and the Bohm-Aharanov effect.

High-Field Electrodynamics gives a comprehensive description of the theoretical tools needed to approach this novel discipline. It highlights important modern applications and serves as a starting point for more advanced and specialized research at the frontiers of modern physics.

Table of Contents

The Relativistic Intensity Regime
The Schwinger Critical Field
Maxwell's Equations
Fields & Inductions, the Minkowski Formalism
Potentials, Gauge Condition, & Wave Equation
The Coulomb Potential & Plane Waves
The Lorentz Transformation
The Special Lorentz Transform
Addition of Velocities
Four-Acceleration & Hyperbolic Motion
Variation of the Mass with Velocity
The Energy-Momentum 4-Vector
Transformation of Forces
Transformation of Energy
Transformation of Angular Momentum
Transformation of Length, Surface, Volume & Density
Relativistic Plasma Frequency
The General Lorentz Transform
Thomas Precession
Schwinger's Approach
Covariant Electrodynamics
Four-Vectors & Tensors
The Electromagnetic Field Tensor
Covariant Form of the Maxwell-Lorentz Equations
A Few Invariants, 4-Vectors, & Tensors Commonly Used
Transformation of the Fields
Electron & QED Units
Covariant Electromagnetic Lagrangian & Hamiltonian
Field 4-Momentum & Maxwell Stress Tensor
Metric & Christoffel Symbols
Solid in Rotation, Sagnac Effect
Dual Tensors & Spinors, Dirac Equation
Gauge Condition & Transform
Lorentz Gauge
Coulomb Gauge & Instantaneous Scalar Potential
Other Gauge Conditions
Charge Conservation
Noether's Theorem
Yang-Mills and Non-Abelian Gauge Fields
Weyl's Theory
Kaluza-Klein 5-Dimensional Space-Time
Charged Black Holes, Quantum Gravity, & Inflation
Superstrings and Dimensionality
The Bohm-Aharanov Effect
Green & Delta Functions, Eigenmode Theory of Waveguides
The Dirac Delta Function
Fourier, Laplace, & Hankel Transforms
Green Functions in Vacuum
Liénard-Wiechert Potentials
Green Functions with Boundary Conditions: Cylindrical Waveguide
Point Charge in Rectilinear Motion in Vacuum
Multipoles, Spherical Harmonics & the H Atom
Group Velocity Dispersion, Higher-Order Effects, and Solitons
Plane Waves & Photons
Quantization of the Free Electromagnetic Field
Creation & Annihilation Operators
Energy and Number Spectra
Momentum of the Quantized Field
Angular Momentum of the Quantized Field
Classical Spin of the Electromagnetic Field
Photon Spin
Vacuum Fluctuations
The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox
Squeezed States
Casimir Effect
Reflection of Plane Waves in Rindler Space
Relativistic Transform of the Refractive Index: Cerenkov Radiation
Classical Theory of Cerenkov Radiation
Fields and Inductions, Polarization and Nonlinear Susceptibilities
Transform of Linear Refractive Index: Minkowski Formulation
Anomalous Refractive Index & Cerenkov Effect
Linear Isotropic Medium: Induced-Source Formalism
Covariant treatment of Nonlinear Effects
Three-Dimensional Waves in Vacuum, Ponderomotive Scattering, Vacuum Laser Acceleration
Exact Solutions to the 3D Wave Equation in Vacuum
The Paraxial Propagator
Bessel Functions & Hankel's Integral Theorem
Plane Wave Dynamics, Lawson-Woodward Theorem
Ponderomotive Scattering
Electron Dynamics in a Coherent Dipole Field
Chirped-pulse Inverse Free-Electron Laser
Free-Wave Acceleration by Stimulated Absorption of Radiation
Plasma-Based Laser Acceleration Processes
Coherent Synchrotron Radiation, Relativistic Fluid Theory
Coherent Synchrotron Radiation in Free-Space
Coherent Synchrotron Radiation in a Waveguide
Instantaneous Power Flow in the Waveguide
Time-Dependent Chirped Wavepacket
Propagation in Negative GVD Structure
Relativistic Eulerian Fluid Perturbation Theory
Compton Scattering, Coherence, and Radiation Reaction
Classical Theory of Compton Scattering
Electron Beam Phase Space
Three-Dimensional Theory of Compton Scattering
Stochastic Electron Gas Theory of Coherence
Harmonics and Nonlinear Radiation Pressure
Radiative Corrections: Overview
Symmetrized Electrodynamics: Introduction
Symmetrized Electrodynamics: Complex Notation
Symmetrized Direct-Lorentz Equation
Conceptual Difficulties: Electromagnetic Mass Renormalization, Runaways, Acausal Effects
Schott Term
Maxwell Stress Tensor
Hamiltonian Formalism
Symmetrized Electrodynamics in the Complex Charge Plane and the Running Fine Structure Constant
Each chapter also contains Notes and References sections

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"This book is a complete guide to the understanding of how current photonics instrumentation works...Undoubtedly useful for biomedical engineers and physicians who need to have an essential reference that encompasses all areas of photonics."
- Valentin Grimblatov, Ph.D., Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, in IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology, 1997