1st Edition

High-Performance Backbone Network Technology

Edited By Naoaki Yamanaka Copyright 2004
    800 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Compiling the most influential papers from the IEICE Transactions in Communications, High-Performance Backbone Network Technology examines critical breakthroughs in the design and provision of effective public service networks in areas including traffic control, telephone service, real-time video transfer, voice and image transmission for a content delivery network (CDN), and Internet access. The contributors explore system structures, experimental prototypes, and field trials that herald the development of new IP networks that offer quality-of-service (QoS), as well as enhanced security, reliability, and function.

    Offers many hints and guidelines for future research in IP and photonic backbone network technologies

    Architectural Choices in Large Scale ATM Switches
    Requirements on ATM Switch Architectures for Quality -of-Service Guarantees
    Traffic Issues in ATM LAN: Principle and Practice
    Competitive Telecommunications Management and System Development
    A Construction Manager System Over an ATM Transport Network Operation System: Verification of the Basic Technique of Flow Through Operation in Configuration Management
    High-Speed Multi-Stage ATM Switch Based on Hierarchical Cell Resequencing Architecture and WDM Interconnection
    Hyper-Media Photonic Information Networks as Future Network Service Platforms
    Photonic Packet-Switching: An Overview
    ATM VP-Based Economical Transport Network Architecture for Multi-Reliability and Broadband Integrated Service Infrastructure
    New Self-Healing Scheme that Realizes Multiple Reliability on ATM Networks
    Autonomously Controlled Multiprotocol Wavelength Switching Network for Internet Backbones
    Network Control and Management for the Next Generation Internet
    Challenges for the Next-Generation Internet and the Role of IP Over Photonic Networks

    Issues in ATM Network Service Development, Standardization, and Deployment
    Quality of Service Guarantees and Charging in Multiservice Networks
    A Failure-Resistant Self-Healing Scheme in ATM Networks
    A Study on VP Network Designer
    Real-Time Traffic Characterization for Quality-of-Service Control in ATM Networks
    Voice Communication on Multimedia ATM Network Using Shared VCI Shell
    An Optimal Virtual Topology Configuration for Multicast in ATM and MPLS Networks
    A Failure-Resistant ATM Transport Method for the Transmission of High-Quality Real-Time Signals
    PNNI Internetworking Architecture Over ATM Public Networks
    Phase Assignment Algorithm Based on Traffic Measurement for Real-Time MPEG Sources in ATM Networks
    Performance Analysis of Layer3 Switch: Case of Flow-Driven Connection Setup

    Input and Output Queuing Nonblocking Switch with Feed-Back Loop
    The Odd-Even ATM Switch
    An Architecture Supporting Quality-of-Service in Virtual-Output-Queued Switches
    Bodhi: A Highly Modular Terabit ATM Switch Fabric Architecture
    Multicast Packet Switch Based on Dilated Network
    PPCN: A High-Performance Copy Network for Large Scale ATM Switching Systems
    A General Expansion Architecture for Large-Scale Multicast ATM Switches
    A Multicast ATM Switch Based on Broadcast Buses
    Hybrid Transmission Scheme in HIPPI-ATM Connection and Its Performance
    ATM Based Broadband Access System using Bearer Connection Control
    A Pipelined Maximal-Sized Matching Scheme for High-Speed Input-Buffered Switches
    Design and Analysis of a Packet Concentrator
    A Contention-Free Tbit/sec Packet-Switching Architecture for ATM Over WDM Networks
    A Distributed Traffic Control Scheme for Large-Scale Multi-Stage ATM Switching Systems

    Architecture of Cell Switch Router and Prototype System Implementation
    Scalable Internet Backbone Using Multi-Gigabit ATM-Based Connectionless Switching
    Experimental Demonstrations of IP over ATM with Congestion Avoidance Flow Control: CEFLAR
    ATM LAN Emulation for Mobile Cellular Networks
    Simulation and Measurement of TCP/IP Over ATM Wide Area Networks
    Performance Evaluation of SVC-Based IP-Over-ATM Networks
    Performance Analysis of Packet-Level Scheduling in an IP-Over-ATM Network with QoS Control
    A Study on Generalization of Packet Discard Schemes for TCP Over ATM
    Performance of TCP/IP Over ATM Over an ADSL
    Real-Time Cell Arrival Sequence Estimation and Simulation for IP-Over-ATM Networks
    A New Approach for Real-Time QoS Support in IP Over ATM Networks
    ATM and IP Integration by Built-In IP Handling Capability in an ATM Switching System
    An Experimental Study on Performance During Congestion for TCP/IP Traffic Over Wide Area ATM Network Using VBR with Selective Cell Discard
    Developing Customer-Focused IP Network Services

    A High-Speed Tandem-Crosspoint ATM Switch Architecture with Input and Output Buffers
    The Maximum Throughput of a Nonblocking Packet Switch with Window Policy
    Performance Evaluation of AAL1 Switch Networks
    Frame-Based Worst-Case Weighted Fair Queuing with Jitter Control
    Adaptive Thresholds of Buffer to Solve the Beat-Down Problem of Rate Control in ATM Networks
    Method of Implementing GFR Service in Large-Scale Networks Using ABR Control Mechanism and Its Performance Analysis
    Connection-Wise End-to-End Delay Analysis in ATM Networks
    End-to-End Call Admission Control in Service Guaranteed Networks
    Performance Analysis of Fast Reservation Protocols for Burst-Level Bandwidth Allocation in ATM Networks
    Diffserv-Based QoS Over ATM Access Networks
    Integration of Scheduling Real-Time Traffic and Cell Loss Control for ATM Networks

    The Worst Case Cell Arrival Patterns in ATM Networks
    Connection Admission Control Guaranteeing Negotiated Cell-Loss Ratio of Cell Streams Passing Through Usage Parameter Control
    A Measured-Traffic-Based Bandwidth Dimensioning Method for Internet ATM Backbone Networks
    Measurement-Based Real-Time Call Admission Control in ATM Networks
    Design and Analysis of the GCRA Traffic Shaper for VBR Services in ATM Networks
    Performance Analysis of Weighted Round Robin Cell Scheduling and Its Improvement in ATM Networks
    Adaptive Remote Rate Control Using Extrapolation and Correction Mechanism for Periodic Notification of Link Utilization Ratio
    VP Control for ATM Networks with Call-Level QoS Guarantees
    New Self-Healing Scheme that Realizes Differentiated Bandwidth Requirement on ATM Networks
    An Efficient Fizzy Based Traffic Policer for ATM Networks
    A Programmable ATM Multicast Service with Congestion Control
    A Buffer Management Mechanism for Achieving Approximately Fair Bandwidth Allocation in High-Speed Networks
    Controlling End-to-End TCP Flow Using ABR Rate Information

    Robust IP Backbone Network Utilizing WDM Optical Paths
    Ultrafast Optical TDM Networking: Extension to the Wide Area
    Multiwavelength Opaque Optical-Crossconnect Networks
    Feasibility Demonstrations of Hyper-Media Photonic Information Networks Using Prototype WDM Broadcast-and-Select Local Network Systems
    A Demonstration of an Optical Switch Circuit with "Bridge and Switch" Function in WDM Four-Fiber Ring Networks
    All-Optical Code Division Multiplexing Switching Network Based on Self-Routing Principle
    l-Ring System: An Application in Survivable WDM Networks of Interconnected Self-Healing Ring Systems
    A Comparison on Capacity Requirement of Optical WDM Mesh Network Protection Strategies
    A Realistically Architecture of WDM Ring Network Using OXC and OADM
    Internetworking Based on Wavelength Assignment Photonic Switching System (WAPS)
    IOG: A Protocol for IP Over Glass

    Comparative Evaluation of Photonic ATM Switch Architectures
    A High-Performance Switch Architecture for Free-Space Photonic Switching Systems
    Switching Node Consideration from the Aspect of Transmission Characteristics in Wavelength Assignment Photonic Network (WAPN)
    Photonic Core Node Based on a 2.56-Terabit/s Opto-Electronic Switching Fabric
    Large-Capacity Photonic Packet Switch Prototype Using Wavelength Routing Techniques
    Optical Code Based Label Swapping for Photonic Routing
    A Photonic IP Switching Technique Using Code Division Multiplexing
    Experimental 5-Tb/s Packet-by-Packet Wavelength-Switching System Using 2.5-Gb/s x 8-l WDM Links
    Optical Label Switching Using Optical Label Based on Wavelength and Pilot Tone Frequency

    Wavelength Converter Technology
    Polarization Insensitive SOA-PLC Hybrid Integrated Michelson Interferometric Wavelength Converter and Its Application to DWDM Networks
    Polarization-Independent Wavelength Conversion Using Four-Wave Mixing in Single-Mode Fibers Pumped with Cross-Polarized High Frequency Pulses
    Hybrid Integrated 4x4 Optical Matrix Switch Module on Silica Based Planar Waveguide Platform
    Merging Electronics and Photonics Towards the Terabit/s ATM Switching
    A 10-Gb/s Optical Asynchronous Packet Receiver with a Fast Bit-Synchronization Circuit
    Temperature Insensitive Micromachined GaAlAs/GaAs Vertical Cavity Wavelength Filter
    Para BIT: Parallel Optical Interconnection for Large-Capacity ATM Switching Systems
    High-Performance VCSELs for Optical Data Links
    3D Control of Light in Waveguide-Based Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystals
    Passive Optical Devices for Photonic Networks


    NAOAKI YAMANAKA is Senior Research Engineer, Supervisor, and Research Group Leader, NT Network Innovation Laboratories, Tokyo. Japan. He has more than 20 years of backbone research and development experience and is the recipient of several awards given by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for best transaction paper and best conference paper. The author of numerous professional publications, Dr. Yamanaka is technical editor of IEEE Communications Magazine, Broadband Network Area Editor of IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, and editor of !EICE Transactions, as well as TAC Chair of the Asia Pacific Board of the IEEE Communications Society. Dr. Yamanaka is a Fellow of the IEEE and a member of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE). He received the B.E. (1981), M.E. (1983), and Ph.D. (1991) degrees in engineering from Keio University, Japan.

    "This book focuses on ATM in the backbone, and covers systems and integration, traffic, and performance issues for both electronic and photonic architecture…..useful…"
    Optics & Photonics News, December, 2005