1st Edition

High-Resolution and Robust Signal Processing

Edited By Yingbo Hua, Alex Gershman, Qi Cheng Copyright 2004

    High-Resolution and Robust Signal Processing describes key methodological and theoretical advances achieved in this domain over the last twenty years, placing emphasis on modern developments and recent research pursuits. Applications-grounded, this sophisticated resource links theoretical background with high-resolution methods used in wireless communications, brain signal analysis, and space-time radar signal processing.

    Chapter extras include theorem proofs, derivations, and computational shortcuts, as well as open problems, numerical measurement, and performance examples, and simulation results

    Sixteen illustrious field leaders invest High-Resolution and Robust Signal Processing with: in-depth reviews of parametric high-resolution estimation and detection techniques; robust array processing solutions for adaptive beam forming and high-resolution direction finding; Parafac techniques for high-resolution array processing and specific areas of application; high-resolution nonparametric methods and implementation tactics for spectral analysis; multidimensional high-resolution data models and discussion of R-D unitary ESPRIT with colored noise; multidimensional high-resolution parameter estimation techniques applicable to channel sounding; estimation procedures for high-resolution space-time radar signal processing using 2-D or 1-D/1-D models; and models and methods for EEG/MEG space-time dipole source estimation and sensory array design.

    1: A Review of Parametric High-Resolution Methods; 2: Robustness Issues in Adaptive Beamforming and High-Resolution Direction Finding; 3: Parafac Techniques for High-Resolution Array Processing; 4: High-Resolution Nonparametric Spectral Analysis: Theory and Applications; 5: Multidimensional High-Resolution Parameter Estimation with Applications to Channel Sounding; 6: High-Resolution Space-Time Signal Processing for Radar; 7: Eeg/Meg Spatio-Temporal Dipole Source Estimation and Sensor Array Design


    Yingbo Hua, Alex Gershman, Qi Cheng