1st Edition

High-Speed Cisco Networks Planning, Design, and Implementation

By John R. Vacca Copyright 2001

    High-Speed Cisco Networks: Planning, Design, and Implementation covers LAN/WAN technology and its benefits. The book lays out Cisco's complete line of products and describes their features and best applications. It provides critical details on routers and servers, switches and hubs, security products, network management tools, ATM products, other services and programs, and Internetwork Operating Systems (IOS). Cisco's routers, hubs, and switches are the core of the Internet and today's high-speed networks. Armed with this independent evaluation, the reader can design high-speed networks that meet current needs and scale to future requirements with confidence.

    High-Speed Lan/Wan Critical Business Issues. High-Speed Lan/Wan Overview. Planning for High-Speed Lan/Wan Systems. Designing High-Speed Lan/Wan Systems. Installing High-Speed Lan/Wan Systems. Maintaining High-Speed Lan/Wan Systems. Future Directions: Appendices.


    John R. Vacca