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1st Edition

High Temperature Superconductors And Other Superfluids

By A S Alexandrov, Nevill Mott Copyright 1994
    ISBN 9781138071551
    188 Pages
    Published April 28, 2017 by CRC Press

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    ISBN 9780748403097
    188 Pages
    Published November 24, 1994 by CRC Press

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    Written by eminent researchers in the field, this text describes the theory of superconductivity and superfluidity starting from liquid helium and a charged Bose-gas. It also discusses the modern bipolaron theory of strongly coupled superconductors, which explains the basic physical properties of high-temperature superconductors. This book will be of interest to fourth year graduate and postgraduate students, specialist libraries, information centres and chemists working in high-temperature superconductivity.


    Liquid helium and Bose-gas

    Liquid helium and Bose-Einstein condensation

    Weakly interacting Bose-gas

    Charged Bose-gas

    Expulsion of a magnetic field by charged bosons

    Near two-dimensional bosons

    BCS theory of superconductivity

    Ground state and excitations

    Fröhlich Hamiltonian

    The BCS approximation for the electron-electron interaction

    Ground state and excitations

    Hallmarks of the BCS superconductivity

    The Meissner-Ochsenfeld effect

    BCS gap, critical temperature and tunneling

    Isotope effect

    Heat capacity

    Sound attenuation

    Nuclear spin relaxation rate

    Thermal conduction of the BCS superconductor

    Intermediate coupling superconductivity

    Electron-phonon interaction in a normal metal

    Eliashberg extension of the BCS theory

    Strongly coupled electrons and phonons

    Breakdown of the Migdal approach

    Small polarons and bipolarons

    Exact solution λ à ∞

    Polaron band and self-energy

    Phonons in a strongly coupled system

    Transition from electron to small polaron

    Biopolaronic instability

    Spin polarons and bipolarons

    Strong coupling superconductivity

    Polaronic superconductivity

    Copper pairing of nonadiabatic carriers

    High Te

    Normal state of a polaronic superconductor

    Biopolaronic superconductivity

    Biopolaron band and repulsion

    Ground state and excitations of a bioplaronic liquid

    Tn phase diagram

    Mapping a charged Bose-gas

    Bipolaron electrodynamics

    Theoretical models of high-Te oxides

    Breakdown of the Fermi-liquid approach

    Non Fermi-liquid alternatives

    Bipolaron theory of high-Te oxides

    Basic model of CuO2 plane

    Normal state

    Spin gap in NMR and neutron scattering

    Anderson localization of biopolarons

    The Hall effect and resistivity

    Thermoelectric power

    Infrared conductivity

    C-axis transport

    Superconducting state

    Isotope effect

    Heat capacity

    Thermal conductivity

    London penetration depth

    Upper critical field

    Gap, superconducting order parameter and coherence length

    Angle-resolved photoemission

    Insulating and overdoped materials

    Metal-insulator transition

    Overdoped materials



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