2nd Edition

High-Vacuum Technology A Practical Guide, Second Edition

By Marsbed H. Hablanian Copyright 1997

    Offering a basic understanding of each important topic in vacuum science and technology, this book concentrates on pumping issues, emphasizes the behavior of vacuum pumps and vacuum systems, and explains the relationships between pumps, instrumentation and high-vacuum system performance. The book delineates the technical and theoretical aspects of the subject without getting in too deep. It leads readers through the subtleties of vacuum technology without using a dissertation on mathematics to get them there. An interesting blend of easy-to-understand technician-level information combined with engineering data and formulae, the book provides a non-analytical introduction to high vacuum technology.

    Properties of Gases
    Fluid Flow and Pumping Concepts
    Vacuum Systems
    Coarse Vacuum Pumps
    Vapor Jet (Diffusion) Pumps
    Turbomolecular Pumps
    Cryogenic Pumps
    Gettering and Ion Pumping
    Overloading of Vacuum Pumps
    Ultrahigh Vacuum
    Vacuum Gauges and Gas Analyzers
    Leak Detection


    Marsbed H. Hablanian

    "…a very useful, well-presented text…clearly written and supported with necessary references…contains numerous schematic diagrams, data tables and principle equations…This book will be of immense use for all people working in vacuum science and related areas."
    -Bulletin of Electrochemistry

    "…an excellent presentation…covers all aspects of vacuum technology…in a very readable style with appropriate emphasis on fundamental principles and practical operation of vacuum devices and systems."
    -Physics in Canada

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