1st Edition

High Value Manufacturing: Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping, Leiria, Portugal, 1-5 October, 2013

    High Value Manufacturing is the result of the 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping, held in Leiria, Portugal, October 2013. It contains current contributions to the field of virtual and rapid prototyping (V&RP) and is also focused on promoting better links between industry and academia. This volume comprises a collection of more than 110 reviewed papers which cover a wide range of topics, such as Additive and Nano Manufacturing Technologies, Biomanufacturing, Materials, Rapid Tooling and Manufacturing, CAD and 3D Data Acquisition Technologies, Simulation and Virtual Environments, and novel applications.

    High Value Manufacturing is intended for engineers, designers and manufacturers who are active in the fields of mechanical, industrial and biomedical engineering.

    Additive and nano manufacturing technologies

    Additive manufacturing as a cost-effective way to produce metal parts
    E. Atzeni, L. Iuliano, G. Marchiandi, P. Minetola, A. Salmi, E. Bassoli, L. Denti &A. Gatto

    Surface roughness investigation and prediction models for poly-jet 3D printed parts
    G. Saravana Kumar & K. Kumar

    Direct writing of conductive polymer tracks as part of an additive manufacturing process
    G.R. Mitchell & F.J. Davis

    Development of an interchangeable head based on variable section screw applied to desktop 3-D printers
    Inforçatti Neto, P.Y. Noritomi, J.V.L. Silva, M.S. Freitas & Z.C. Silveira

    3D printing in graphic design education: Educational experiences using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) in a  Brazilian University
    C.P. de Sampaio, R.M. de O. Spinosa, J. Vicentin, D.Y. Tsukahara, J.C. da Silva,S.L.S. Borghi & F. Rostirolla

    Quality assurance and process monitoring of fused deposition modelling made parts
    A.O. Stephen, K.W. Dalgarno & J. Munguia

    Price benchmark of laser sintering service providers
    M. Baldinger &A. Duchi

    Generic build time estimation model for parts produced by SLS
    Y. Zhang &A. Bernard

    Size, shape and flow of powders for use in Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
    S. Berretta, O. Ghita, K.E. Evans, A. Anderson & C. Newman

    Experimental and numerical modelling of function-graded porous filter elements, synthesized by the SLS method
    I.V. Shishkovsky & I. Volyansky

    Production of overhanging structures by DMLS
    F. Calignano & D. Manfredi

    State-of-the-art review on selective laser melting of ceramics
    W.Y. Yeong, C.Y. Yap, M. Mapar & C.K. Chua

    Review of Selective Laser Melting process parameters for Commercially Pure Titanium and Ti6Al4V
    K.H. Low, K.F. Leong & C.N. Sun

    Classical Lamination Theory applied on parts produced by Selective Laser Melting
    S.L. Sing,W.Y. Yeong, C.K. Chua, F.E.Wiria, Z.H. Liu, D.Q. Zhang & B.Y. Tay

    Effect of laser beam profile on melt track in Selective Laser Melting
    L.E. Loh, Z.H. Liu, D.Q. Zhang,W.Y. Yeong & C.K. Chua

    Fundamental issues for Additive Manufacturing of lithophanes
    M. Yuan & D.L. Bourell

    Flowability of powders for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) investigated by Round Robin Test
    M. Schmid, F. Amado, G. Levy & K.Wegener

    Investigation of process condition for constructing plaster of Paris part with selective vacuum manufacturing
    P. Senanan, N. Chansri & P. Koomsap

    Materials characterization for stereolithography
    P. Camaño & P.J. Bartolo


    Implementing Additive Manufacturing for medical devices: A quality perspective
    W.Y. Yeong & C.K. Chua

    Ceramics-filled 3D porous biopolymer matrices for tissue-engineering on the stem cell culture: Benchmark testing
    I.V. Shishkovsky & S.E. Volchkov

    Overview on additive manufacturing techniques for scaffold-based cartilage tissue engineering
    R.C. Santos, H.A. Almeida & P.J. Bartolo

    Rapid manufacturing of collagen scaffolds for cardiac tissue engineering
    K. Ragaert, S. Van de Velde, L. Cardon, F. De Somer, G. Van Nooten & P. Somers

    Determination of resin components for continuous Digital Light Processing (cDLP) additive manufacture of  resorbable tissue engineering scaffolds
    D. Dean, E. Mott, X. Luo, M. Busso, M.Wang, C. Vorwald, A. Siblani & J.P. Fisher

    Investigation of applying electrospinning in fused deposition modeling for scaffold fabrication
    K. Auyson, P. Koomsap, A. Chanthakulchan & P. Supaphol

    Using biofidelic phantom organs for design stage usability testing of endovascular delivery systems
    K. J. O’Sullivan, L. Kiernan, L. O’Sullivan & E. Canavan

    Designing apatite/wollastonite (A/W) porous scaffolds by powder-based 3D printing
    C.M. Gomes, A. Zocca, J. Guenster, L. Podshivalov, P. Bar-Yoseph &A. Fischer

    Preparation of PDLLA/Bioglass58S scaffolds by selective laser sintering
    G.V. Salmoria, R.V. Pereira, A. Aragones & M.C. Fredel

    Biofabrication of three-dimensional scaffolds of polycaprolactone with eggshell powder for bone regeneration
    S. Biscaia, T. Viana, H.A. Almeida & P.J. Bártolo

    Bovine collagen extraction for tissue engineering applications
    I. Sousa, A. Mendes, P.J. Bártolo & D. Vaz

    Chitosan microlayer on the photografting modified surface of PLA, PCL and PLA/PCL bioextruder scaffolds
    M. Loaiza, R.A. Rezende, J.V.L. da Silva, P.J. Bártolo & M.A. Sabino

    Levodopa controlled release from alginate membranes
    M.R. Franco, S. Biscaia, T. Viana & P. Bártolo

    Adhesion, proliferation and distribution of human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs) in Poly (ε-caprolactone) (PCL) scaffolds with different pore sizes
    C.S. Moura, S. Biscaia, T. Viana, P.J. Bártolo, C.L da Silva, J.S. Cabral & F.C. Ferreira

    Effect of TCP20 Bioglass addition on the morphological and mechanical properties of 3D Bioextruded poly (ε-caprolactone) scaffolds
    A.C. Videira, T. Patrício, R. Pereira, J.M.F. Ferreira & P. Bártolo

    Vat polymerization techniques for biotechnology and medicine
    T.F. Patrício, R.F. Pereira, A. Cerva & P.J. Bártolo


    Phase change materials as a tool for climate change mitigation
    A.P. Vieira, H. Bartolo, G.R. Mitchell & P. Bartolo

    Nanocomposite polycaprolactone/carbon nanotube processed by electrospinning applying of AC
    R.S. Almeida, M.A. d’Ávila, D.S.T. Martinez & O.L. Alves

    Structure development during additive manufacturing
    A. Tojeira, S. Biscaia, T. Viana, P.J. Bártolo & G.R. Mitchell

    Oxidative treatment of carbon nanotubes by hydrogen peroxide and O2 plasma for rapid manufacturing applications
    G.V. Salmoria, I. Michelena, G.M.O. Barra, L.F. Vieira & R.A. Paggi

    Thermal analysis of polystyrene coated alumina powder for indirect Laser Sintering during different process steps
    L. Delva, A. Verberckmoes, K. Ragaert & L. Cardon

    Electro-discharge drilling on DMLS parts in Co-Cr-Mo alloy
    A. Gatto, E. Bassoli, L. Denti, E. Atzeni, L. Iuliano, G. Marchiandi, P. Minetola, A. Salmi & F. Calignano

    Influence of post-processing operations on mechanical properties of AlSi10Mg parts by DMLS
    M. Krishnan, E. Atzeni, R. Canali, D. Manfredi, F. Calignano, E. Ambrosio & L. Iuliano

    Aluminium matrix composites (AMCs) by DMLS
    D. Manfredi, R. Canali, M. Krishnan, E.P. Ambrosio, F. Calignano, M. Pavese, L. Miranti, S. Belardinelli, S. Biamino & P. Fino

    Qualification and modification of new polymer powders for laser beam melting using Ulbricht spheres
    T. Laumer, T. Stichel, M. Sachs, P. Amend & M. Schmidt

    Single track and single layer melting of silica by Selective Laser Melting
    C.Y. Yap, C.K. Chua, Z. Dong, Z.H. Liu & D.Q. Zhang

    Preparation and flowability characterization of ceramic powders for Selective Laser Melting
    M. Mapar, D.Q. Zhang, Z.H. Liu,W.Y. Yeong, C.K. Chua, B.Y. Tay, O. Geramifard, S. Maleksaeedi & F.E.Wiria

    Study of the surface quality in multi track to Selective Laser Melting with CoCrMo powders
    Y. Pupo, L. Serenó, J. Delgado & J. Ciurana

    Melt characterisation of M2 High Speed Steel in Selective Laser Melting
    Z.H. Liu, D.Q. Zhang, K.F. Leong & C.K. Chua

    Investigation on forming process of copper alloys via Selective Laser Melting
    D.Q. Zhang, Z.H. Liu & C.K. Chua

    Processing of nickel based superalloy MAR M-247 by means of High – Temperature Selective Laser Melting (HT – SLM)
    Y.-C. Hagedorn, J. Risse,W. Meiners, N. Pirch, K.Wissenbach & R. Poprawe

    Custom-built implants manufacture in titanium alloy by Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)
    M.A. Larosa, A.L. Jardini, L.F. Bernardes, M.R.Wolf Maciel, R. Maciel Filho, C.A.C. Zaváglia, F. Zaváglia, D.R. Calderoni & P. Kharmandayan

    Selective laser melting towards manufacture of three dimensional in situ Al matrix composites: A review
    S. Dadbakhsh, L. Hao & J.-P. Kruth

    The effect of SLM parameters on geometrical characteristics of open porous NiTi scaffolds
    M. Speirs, S. Dadbakhsh, S. Buls, J.-P. Kruth, J. Van Humbeeck, J. Schrooten & J. Luyten

    Photopolymerization kinetics of 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate (pHEMA) hydrogels, effect of different crosslinked agent
    L.L. Lima, C.A.C. Zaváglia, V.P. Bavaresco, E. Pinto, P.J.S. Bártolo & J.M.R. Gomes

    Rapid tooling and manufacturing

    Resource-efficient hot sheet metal forming by innovative die cooling with laser beam melted tooling components
    B. Mueller, M. Gebauer, S. Polster, R. Neugebauer, R. Malek, M. Kotzian & R. Hund

    Rapid prototyping and tooling technologies to produce moulding elements of injection moulds for large parts
    A. Freitas, R. Soares, A. Selada, P.G. Martinho &A.S. Pouzada

    Controlling real time processing variables in a hybrid injection mould
    D. Bjorn, L. Ferreira, C. Ribeiro & P.G. Martinho

    Rapid tooling for individualized silicon aesthetic prosthesis manufacturing: A case study
    G.P. Marenda, A. Fiorentino, E. Ceretti &A. Manenti

    A review paper on rapid prototyping and rapid tooling techniques for fabrication of prosthetic socket
    A. Aherwar, A. Singh &A. Patnaik

    Development of bioabsorbable PCL/ibuprofen mesh for maxillofacial repair using prototype injection mold
    G.V. Salmoria, V.G. Henschel, L.F. Vieira, C.R.M. Roesler, F. Sibilia, S. Fare & M.C. Tanzi

    Tool concept for prepreg fabric overmould
    P. Carreira, N. Alves, C. Ramos & P. Bártolo

    Influence of the monomers feed ratio on the polyurethane reaction in RIM
    N. Gomes, J. Salmazo, P. Bártolo, A. Gouveia, R.J. Santos, M.M. Dias & J.C.B. Lopes

    Design, manufacture and testing of titanium EBM insert for injection molding
    A.K. Borg & A. Rochman

    Use of external facilitator to choose optimal rapid tooling method – A case study
    A. Håkansson & J. Lundberg

    Digital fabrication of physical models to analyze unbuilt projects using laser cutter
    A. Tagliari &W. Florio

    CAD and 3D data acquisition technologies

    Rise of the machines: Has rapid prototyping evolved faster than the software used to create it?
    E. Curtis, K.J. O’Sullivan, E. White &A. de Eyto

    Open-source STL library and application for android mobile devices
    W.T. Ide & J.V.L. Silva & G.C.S. Ruppert

    A design methodology for parts using Additive Manufacturing
    N. Boyard, M. Rivette, O. Christmann & S. Richir

    Models for product design and development in Additive Manufacturing
    S. Killi &A. Morrison

    Using AM feature and multi-attribute decision making to orientate part in Additive Manufacturing
    Y. Zhang &A. Bernard

    Reducing repositioning distances in fused deposition-based processes using optimization algorithms
    N. Volpato, R.T. Nakashima, L.C. Galv˜ao, A.O. Barboza, P.F Benevides & L.F. Nunes

    A planar fractal analysis of the arterial tree of the human thyroid gland: Implications for additive manufacturing of 3D ramified scaffolds
    E. Bassoli, L. Denti, A. Gatto, G. Spaletta, M. Sofroniou, A. Parrilli, M. Fini, R. Giardino, A. Zamparelli, N. Zini, F. Barbaro, E. Bassi, S. Mosca, D. Dallatana & R. Toni

    Hand-held 3D scanner without sensor pose tracking or surface markers
    J. Kofman & K. Borribanbunpotkat

    Calibration of a hand-held multi-line laser-camera 3D scanner
    K. Borribanbunpotkat & J. Kofman

    Error compensated camera-projector calibration in shape measurement
    D. Li & J. Kofman

    Interaction in an immersive multi-projection system based on light wand like devices
    C. Oliveira, H.M.C. Vale &A.J.V. Porto

    Reference 3D-tumour models from CT-data for evaluation of contouring algorithm based on the PET/CT imaging
    I. Jonuschies, K. Broekel, J. Kurth & B. Krause

    Automatic cutting edge detection for a cylindrical mill
    G. Moroni & S. Petrò

    Process chain for design, optimisation and production of open-porous lightweight structures
    P. Sembdner, R.Weggässer, C. Schöne & R. Stelzer

    A tool for computer-aided orientation selection in additive manufacturing processes
    A. Armillotta, M. Cavallaro & S. Minnella

    Innovative developments on Agile-CAD system
    M. Gaspar, N. Alves, N. Martins-Ferreira & P. Bártolo

    BioFab toolbox – Software tools for biofabrication
    N. Alves, P. Bártolo, N. Ferreira, M. Gaspar &A. Mateus

    Non-invasive image technologies and biomimetic research applied on the design of innovative projects
    J.R. Lopes dos Santos

    Architecture and parametric design: A prototype for a kiosk
    L. Mateus, F. Roseta & F. Vaz-Monteiro

    Nano CAD design of scaffolds based on triple periodic surfaces
    H.A. Almeida & P.J. Bártolo

    Simulation and virtual environments

    Additive manufacturing and topology optimization to support product family design
    N. Lei, S.K. Moon & G. Bi

    On a three-dimensional Lattice Boltzmann Model of droplet impingement for ink-jet deposition
    W. Zhou, D. Loney, A.G. Fedorov, F.L. Degertekin & D.W. Rosen

    Heat transfer modeling in fused deposition techniques
    F.M. Duarte, S.F. Costa & J.A. Covas

    Structural and modal analysis of a desktop 3-D printer considering an interchangeable mini screw extrusion head
    G.dos.S. Ribeiro & Z.C. Silveira

    Human cranium biomechanical simulation
    P. Perestrelo, P. Bártolo, M.P. Torres, P. Noritomi & J. Silva

    Development of an ontology-based knowledge methodology in product innovative collaborative conceptual design environment
    S.-J. Liang

    Integrating shop-floor virtual environments with real machining cell data
    H.M.C. Vale, C. Oliveira &A.J.V. Porto

    The disclosure of the BIM concept in civil engineering training
    A.Z. Sampaio

    Maintenance of painted interior walls within a virtual environment
    A.Z. Sampaio & D.P. Rosário

    H.O.G.A.R. project – a tool for efficient house design plus an immersive user experience
    R. Rubio, S. Martin, S. Martin-Laguna & J.C. Fernández

    Teaching of additive manufacturing technology – A case study in the use of multimedia learning aids
    C.H. Ng, C.K. Chua & K.F. Leong

    Computer simulation of stereolithographic process parameters
    S. Campanário, P.J. Bártolo &A.C. Lemos

    Micro-CT based topological optimisation scheme for the design of scaffolds
    H.A. Almeida & P.J. Bártolo


    Forensic 3D facial approximation from a CT scan video of a mummified Egyptian-Roman child
    C.A. da Costa Moraes, P.H.J. Amorim, T.F. de Moraes, G.C.S. Ruppert, J.V.L. da Silva & M.E. Santos

    Printing intervertebral implants with a low-cost Additive Manufacturing machine
    L. Serenó, Ll. Ramon & J. Ciurana

    Challenges in design and production of customized tracheal stents
    A. Fiorentino, G.P. Marenda, E. Ceretti, C. Piazza & N. Hendrichs

    Lumbar cage design concepts based on additive manufacturing
    O. Figueroa, C.A. Rodríguez, H.R. Siller, O. Martínez-Romero, E. Flores-Villalba, J.A. Díaz-Elizondo & R. Ramírez

    Maskless production of metallic coil structures for an application in MRI
    N.Wang, P. Bollgrün, K. Steffen, D. Mager & J.G. Korvink

    A thermo-mechanical modeling reduction approach for calculating shape distortion in SLM manufacturing for aero engine components
    L. Papadakis, A. Loizou, J. Risse & S. Bremen

    Evaluation of Shaped Metal Deposition (SMD) for applications in the energy industry
    U.Woy, S. Jones, R. Gault, K. Ridgway & R. McCluskey

    Additive manufacturing of architectural models using Fused Layer Modeling and 3D-printing
    S. Junk & S. Côté

    Take cover: Case study in artisan telephone covers for DDM
    W. Kempton & S. Killi

    Virtual/real, rapid/slow, prototype/model in jewellery artist practice
    H. Dilkes

    Evaluation of FDM options for fashion shoe heels manufacturing
    A. Armillotta, M. Cavallaro & S. Minnella

    Shape analysis in the design process of products with embedded microelectronics
    Á.M. Sampaio, R. Simões &A. Pontes

    Virtual and physical prototyping for compression sportswear
    P.K. Collins, M.D. Johnson & D.W. Hurst


    Paulo Bártolo is Professor of Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Director of the Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPL). He is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Virtual & Physical Prototyping, published by Taylor & Francis (ISSN 1745-2759).