1st Edition

Higher-Order Differential Equations and Elasticity

    394 Pages
    by CRC Press

    394 Pages 70 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Higher-Order Differential Equations and Elasticity is the third book within Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications to Trajectories and Vibrations, Six-volume Set. As a set, they are the fourth volume in the series Mathematics and Physics Applied to Science and Technology. This third book consists of two chapters (chapters 5 and 6 of the set).

    The first chapter in this book concerns non-linear differential equations of the second and higher orders. It also considers special differential equations with solutions like envelopes not included in the general integral. The methods presented include special differential equations, whose solutions include the general integral and special integrals not included in the general integral for myriad constants of integration. The methods presented include dual variables and differentials, related by Legendre transforms, that have application in thermodynamics.

    The second chapter concerns deformations of one (two) dimensional elastic bodies that are specified by differential equations of: (i) the second-order for non-stiff bodies like elastic strings (membranes); (ii) fourth-order for stiff bodies like bars and beams (plates). The differential equations are linear for small deformations and gradients and non-linear otherwise. The deformations for beams include bending by transverse loads and buckling by axial loads. Buckling and bending couple non-linearly for plates. The deformations depend on material properties, for example isotropic or anisotropic elastic plates, with intermediate cases such as orthotropic or pseudo-isotropic.

    • Discusses differential equations having special integrals not contained in the general integral, like the envelope of a family of integral curves

    • Presents differential equations of the second and higher order, including non-linear and with variable coefficients

    • Compares relation of differentials with the principles of thermodynamics

    • Describes deformations of non-stiff elastic bodies like strings and membranes and buckling of stiff elastic bodies like bars, beams, and plates

    • Presents linear and non-linear waves in elastic strings, membranes, bars, beams, and plates

    5. Special, Second and Higher-Order Differential Equations. 6. Buckling of Elastic Beams and Plates.


    Luis Manuel Braga da Costa Campos graduated in 1972 as a Mechanical Engineer from the Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST) of Lisbon Technical University. His tutorials as a student (1970) were followed by a career at the same institution (IST) through all levels: Assistant (1972), Assistant with tenure (1974), Assistant Professor (1978), Associate Professor (1982), Chair de Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (1985). He has been coordinator of undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in Aerospace Engineering since their creation in 1991. He is also coordinator of the Scientific Area of Applied and Aerospace Mechanics in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and director and founder of the Center for Aeronautical and Space Science and Technology.