1st Edition

Hilary Putnam Pragmatism and Realism

Edited By James Conant, Ursula M. Zeglen Copyright 2002
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    One of the most influential contemporary philosophers, Hilary Putnam's involvement in philosophy spans philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, ontology and epistemology and logic.
    This specially commissioned collection discusses his contribution to the realist and pragmatist debate. Hilary Putnam comments on the issues raised in each article, making it invaluable for any scholar of his work.

    Taking Pragmatism Seriously R.A. Putnam, Wellesley College, USA
    Realism with a Metaphysical Skull John Haldane, University of St Andrews
    Putnam and Pragmatist Theory of Truth Nicholar Rescher, University of Pittsburgh
    Pragmatism and Legal Reasoning Richard Warner, Chicago-Kent College of Law
    Truth and Trans-Theoretical Terms Gary Ebbs, University of Illinois at Urgana-Champaign
    Pragmatics and Pragmatisms Robert Brandom, University of Pittsburgh
    What Laws of Logic Say Charles Travis, Northwestern Univrsity in Evanston, Illinois
    Causal Theory of Perception and Direct Realism Tadeusz Szubka, Catholic University of Lublin, Poland
    Comments on papers Hilary Putnam, Harvard University


    James Conant, Urszula M. Zeglen