1st Edition

Historical Narratives of East Asia in the 21st Century Overcoming the Politics of National Identity

Edited By Hitoshi Tanaka Copyright 2020
    240 Pages
    by Routledge

    238 Pages
    by Routledge

    In the twenty-first century, East Asia has been increasingly marked both by tensions at a government level and a chauvinistic mood among the polity. While China’s rise is in one respect the proximate driver of these changes in tone, it draws on a range of unresolved grievances among the respective historical narratives of Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and the Koreas. These conflicting views of the region’s past are a crucial barrier to its cohesive and stable future.

    This book brings together East Asian scholars from a range of academic disciplines, including China historians, political historians and political scientists to illuminate the interconnectedness of East Asia and discuss how a shared historical narrative might be constructed. Their contributions are organised into 3 parts focusing respectively on historical narratives of China, historical narratives of East Asia, and reconciling historical narratives.

    The book will appeal to researcher interested in the historical narratives of international relations in East Asia.

    List of Contributers
    Preface for English Readership (TANAKA Hitoshi)
    Original Preface (TANAKA Hitoshi)

    Introduction: The History Controversy in East Asia in the Light of China’s Rise to a Global Power (TANAKA Hitoshi)

    Part I: Historical Narratives of China
    Chapter 1 History of the Republic of China and “Historical Narratives” (KANEKO Hajime)
    Chapter 2 Historical Narratives on “Democracy” in Republican China (MIZUHA Nobuo)
    Chapter 3 The Formation of the People’s Republic of China and the “Historical Narrative” (MARUYAMA Koji)
    Chapter 4 “Peaceful Coexistence” and “Historical Narratives” in the Chinese Diplomacy (YOSHIDA Toyoko)

    Part II: Historical Narratives of East Asia
    Chapter 5 The Discourse on Asianism in Postwar Japan (TAKIGUCHI Tsuyoshi)
    Chapter 6 The Perception Toward China among Japanese Communities in Dalian After WWI: A Case Study of the Magazine Manmo (MATSUSHIGE Mitsuhiro)
    Chapter 7 Perceptions of Atomic Bombing in the United States and Japan (TAKAHASHI Keikichi)
    Chapter 8 Transnational Asia and its Changing Dynamics at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century (LIU Hong)

    Part III: Toward a Generally Accepted Historical Narrative in East Asia
    Chapter 9 Questioning the “Empireness” of the National History: East Asian History Narrated in Korea, China, and Japan (YU Yongtae)
    Chapter 10 Historical Perception in Taiwan and Collaborative Studies on East Asian History (HSU Yu Ming)
    Chapter 11 Historical Perception in China and Collaborative Studies on East Asian History (JIANG Pei)

    Afterword (TANAKA Hitoshi)


    Hitoshi Tanaka is Professor in the Graduate School of Law and Politics, Osaka University and editor of this volume. Areas of research include twentieth century Chinese politics and Chinese area studies.