1st Edition

Historical Problems Studies and Documents

    2626 Pages
    by Routledge

    One of George Allen and Unwin’s flagships, the Historical Problems series, authored by some stellar names, combines generous collections of documents with introductory essays long enough to explore the various themes widely and deeply. In this collection of 12 volumes, originally published between 1969 and 1977 topics include:

    • The complexities of Tudor finance and the working of the Treasury
    • Military strategy against Napoleon
    • The theory of royal supremacy in the Elizabethan church
    • The dynastic rivalry between the Houses of York and Tudor
    • The English economy in Tudor times
    • Bismarckian politics and the impact for Germany and Europe
    • The significance of the dissolution of the monasteries in the reformation.

    1. Rosalind B. Brooke The coming of the friars 978-1-032-03789-9

    2. Claire Cross Royal Supremacy in the Elizabethan Church 978-1-032-01127-1

    3. Richard Glover Britain at bay : defence against Bonaparte, 1803-14 978-1-032-03746-2

    4. Edith Farber Hurwitz Politics and the public conscience. 978-1-032-03798-1

    5. Sybil M. Jack Trade and industry in Tudor and Stuart England 978-1-032-03818-6

    6. Mortimer Levine Tudor dynastic problems, 1460-1571. 978-1-032-03760-8

    7. Kenneth Morgan The Age of Lloyd George. 978-1-032-04364-7

    8. Henry Roseveare The Treasury, 1660-1870 978-1-032-03809-4

    9. J. H. Shennan Government and society in France, 1461-1661. 978-1-032-01333-6

    10. W. M. Simon Germany in the Age of Bismarck 978-1-032-01107-3

    11. Bertram Percy Wolffe The crown lands, 1461 to 1536 978-1-032-04176-6

    12. Joyce Youings The dissolution of the monasteries. 978-1-032-03845-2.