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    In the English-speaking world at least, there has been something of a deficit of explicit methodological reflection on history. However, there now exists a widespread sense that this must change.

    There is no question that the ‘postmodern’ debate has done a great deal to put serious reflection on historiography on the agenda of researchers, teachers, and students of history, but it has also been used indiscriminately to cover substantially differing approaches to the area. This collection will enable the reader to disentangle some of the ambiguities and confusions that have characterized the use of this term.

    Organized thematically, this important five-volume set brings together key essays from the field of historical studies. Including an extensive general introduction by the editor in the first volume, as well as shorter individual introductions in each of the following volumes, this set is essential reading for scholars and students alike.

    Volume 1: Foundations.  The Classic Tradition.  The Old Cultural History.  Economic History.  Volume 2: Society.  Social History. Marxism.  Annales.  History of Mentalities.  Volume 3: Ideas.  History of Ideas/ Intellectual History.  History of Science.  History of the Arts.  History of Religion.  History of Sexuality.  Volume 4: Culture.  History and Anthropology.  Microhistory.  New Cultural History.  History and Memory.  The Poetics of History: Narrativity.  Postmodernist Historiography and its Critics.  Volume 5: Politics.  Political History.  Imperialism and Postcolonial History.  World History - World-Systems Analysis