1st Edition

History Of The Jewish People Vol 2

By Riggs Copyright 2006

    First published in 2007. This study, the companion to Volume I, continues the history of the Jewish people to the time when Christianity became independent of Judaism. The historical study of the life and times of Jesus has brought a clearer realisation of the importance of understanding postexilic Judaism. This volume is both a history of the Jewish people for two hundred and forty years of its existence, and a contribution toward the interpretation of the gospels in so far as a knowledge of the faiths, conditions and aims of Judaism can be interpretive of the form and method of the activity of Jesus. Contents include the historical sources and literature of the period; the causes and occasion of the Maccabean uprising; the struggle for religious and political freedom; the attainment of independence; Judaism in Syria and Egypt; internal divisions and the growth of parties; the revival of Hellenism; the Roman period of Jewish history; the last of the Hasmoneans; Herod the King of the Jews; the inner life of the nation; the final catastrophe at Masada and glimpses of Judaism in Palestine after the war and of Judaism in the Dispersion. This comprehensive study clearly shows the complex background to the present, where both faiths - Judaism and Christianity - continue to work out their destinies.

    Part I The Maccabean Period of Jewish History; ChapterI The Historical Sources and Literature of the Period; ChapterII The Causes and Occasion of the Maccabean Uprising; ChapterIII The Successful Struggle for Religious Freedom; ChapterIV The Long Contest for Political Freedom; ChapterV The Attainment of Independence; ChapterVI Judaism in Syria and Egypt; ChapterVII The Happy Days of Simon’s Reign; ChapterVIII Territorial Expansion Under John Hyrcanus; ChapterIX Internal Divisions and the Growth of Part Ies; ChapterX The Revival of Hellenism and the Struggle of Part Ies; ChapterXI Fatal Dissensions, and the Coming of the Romans; Part II The Roman Period of Jewish History; Part 2ChapterI The Historical Sources and Literature of the Period; Part 2ChapterII The Troublous Times of Hyrcanus II; Part 2ChapterIII The Last of the Hasmoneans; Part 2ChapterIV Herod, the King of the Jews (37–4 B. C.); Part 2ChapterV Herod Under Augustus; Part 2ChapterVI In the Days of Herod The King; Part 2ChapterVII The Inner Life of the Nation; Part 2ChapterVIII Herod’s Sons and King Agrippa; Part 2ChapterIX In the Hands of Rome; Part 2ChapterX The Final Catastrophe; Part 2ChapterXI Glimpses of Judaism in Palestine After the War and of Judaism in the Dispersion;


    James Stevenson Riggs