History, Policy, And Economic Theory : Essays In Interaction book cover
1st Edition

History, Policy, And Economic Theory
Essays In Interaction

ISBN 9780367153502
Published November 9, 2020 by Routledge
400 Pages

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Book Description

This collection of professional essays traces the sequence of the great issues of public policy that marked a half-century. It includes information on the problems of method, issues of historical analysis, elaboration of a dynamic theory, issues of current policy and evolution of economic doctrine.

Table of Contents

Part One: Problems of Method 1. James Harvey Rogers, 1886–1939: In Memoriam (1940) 2. The Interrelation of Theory and Economic History (1957) 3. Cycles and the Irreducible Complexity of History (1982) 4. Professor Arrow on Economic Analysis and Economic History (1986) Part Two: Issues of Historical Analysis 5. Adjustments and Maladjustments After the Napoleonic Wars (1942) 6. Some Notes on Mr. Hicks and History (1951) 7. From Dependence to Interdependence: a Historian's Perspective (1973) 8. No Random Walk: A Comment on "Why Was England First?" [by N.F.R. Crafts] (1978) 9. Review of Immanuel Wallerstein, The Modern World System II: Mercantilism and the Consolidation of the European World Economy, 1600–1750 (1981) 10. The Terms of Trade and Development (1982) 11. Review of Robert L. Heilbroner, The Nature and Logic of Capitalism (1986) Part Three: Elaboration of a Dynamic Theory Including the Take-off Debate 12. Trends in the Allocation of Resources in Secular Growth (1955) 13. Some General Reflections on Capital Formation and Economic Growth (1956) 14. Industrialization and Economic Growth (1960) 15. The Konstanz Conference: Leading Sectors and the Take-off (1960) and Epilogue (1963) Part Four: Issues of Current Policy 16. The Problem of Achieving and Maintaining a High Rate of Economic Growth: A Historian's View (1960) 17. The Bankruptcy of Neo-Keynesian Economics (1976); A Reluctant Keynesian, A Reply by Abba P. Lerner (1976); A Rejoinder (1976) 18. Review of Ernest Mandel, Late Capitalism (1979) 19. Comment from a Not Quite Empty Box (1982) 20. Review of P. T. Bauer, Equality, the Third World, and Economic Delusion (1982) 21. Technology and Unemployment in the Western World (1982) 22. Reflections on the Drive to Technological Maturity (1987) 23. Beware of Historians Bearing False Analogies: a Review of Paul Kennedy, The Rise and Fall of Great Powers (1988); Pointers from the Past: Kennedy's Comment (1988); Reviewer's Reply (1988 Part Five: The Evolution of Economic Doctrine 24. Technology and the Economic Theorist: Past, Present, and Future (1989) 25. Development, Efficiency, and Equity in Historical Perspective (1989)

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