1st Edition

History and Directory Society for Personality Assessment Fiftieth Anniversary

Edited By Ann M. O'Roark, John E. Exner Copyright 1989

    This special fiftieth anniversary issue of the Journal of Personality Assessment provides special coverage of the Society for Personality Assessment and its history. The volume includes the 1989 Membership Directory and member information. This is an essential volume for all those involved in or interested in personality assessment, whether or not they are members of the society or subscribers to the Journal of Personality Assessment.

    Contents: A.M. O'Roark, Foreword. P. Erdberg, Preface. Part I: J.E. Exner, History of the Society. Officers 1939-1989. Award Recipients. H. Ellenberger, The Life and Work of Herman Rorschach. Part II:The 1989 Membership Directory. Life Fellows/Members. Fellows. Part III: A.M. O'Roark, Introduction. 1988 By-Laws of the Society.


    Ann M. O’Roark, John E. Exner