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History and Society in the Islamic World

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Contemporary events in the Islamic world dominate the headlines and emphasise the crises of the Middle East and North Africa, yet the Islamic World is far larger and more varied than we realise. Current affairs there too mask the underlying trends and values that have, over time, created a fascinating and complex world. This new series is intended to reveal that other Islamic reality by looking at its history and society over the ages, as well as at the contemporary scene. It will also reach far further afield, bringing in Central Asia and the Far East as part of a cultural space sharing common values and beliefs but manifesting a vast diversity of experience and social order.

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The Trans-Saharan Slave Trade

The Trans-Saharan Slave Trade

1st Edition

By John Wright
July 09, 2010

This compelling text sheds light on the important but under studied trans-Saharan slave trade. The author uncovers and surveys this, the least-noticed of the slave trades out of Africa, which from the seventh to the twentieth centuries quielty delievered almost as many black Africans into ...

Britain and Morocco During the Embassy of John Drummond Hay

Britain and Morocco During the Embassy of John Drummond Hay

1st Edition

By Khalid Ben-Srhir
June 01, 2010

This translation provides fascinating insights into a critical period in Moroccan history and Moroccan-British relations during the nineteenth century. Using the life and work of the British representative in Tangier, John Drummond Hay, an individual who personally experienced the relations ...

Managing Instability in Algeria Elites and Political Change since 1995

Managing Instability in Algeria: Elites and Political Change since 1995

1st Edition

By Isabelle Werenfels
June 26, 2009

This topical new book seeks to understand the relationship between elite dynamics and strategies and the lack of profound political change in Algeria after 1995, when the country’s military rulers returned to electoral processes. Using evidence from extensive fieldwork, Isabelle Werenfels exposes ...

War and Peace in Qajar Persia Implications Past and Present

War and Peace in Qajar Persia: Implications Past and Present

1st Edition

Edited By Roxane Farmanfarmaian
January 30, 2008

With new and existing evidence being reconsidered, this edited collection takes a multidisciplinary approach to discussing the Qajar system within the context of the wars that engulfed it and the periods of peace that ensued. It throws new light on the decision-making processes, the restraints on ...

Technology, Tradition and Survival Aspects of Material Culture in the Middle East and Central Asia

Technology, Tradition and Survival: Aspects of Material Culture in the Middle East and Central Asia

1st Edition

By Richard Tapper, Keith McLachlan
January 30, 2002

The contributors address the history, originality, variety and sophistication of traditional science, technology and material culture in the Middle East and Central Asia, their influence on the history of Europe and the West, and the threat posed by modern Western technologies....

Nation, Society and Culture in North Africa

Nation, Society and Culture in North Africa

1st Edition

Edited By James McDougall
May 01, 2003

The essays in this volume explore the complexities of the relationship between states, social groups and individuals in contemporary North Africa, as expressed through the politics, culture and history of nationhood.From Morocco to Libya, from bankers to refugees, from colonialism to globalisation,...

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