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History of British Economic Thought

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Classic works in the history of British economic thought illustrate the wide range and diversity of writing from as far back as the 17th century. The writers featured in this series did not only have a profound influence on economic theory during their lifetime, they also paved the way for later economic thought.

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The Ricardian Socialists

The Ricardian Socialists

1st Edition

Edited By T.A. Kenyon
August 13, 1997

The Ricardian Socialists occupy a key position in the development of British economics in the nineteenth century, and in the wider development of socialist thought.Addressing all of the burning economic issues of the day, their work can be divided into two schools: 'anti-capitalist economists' ...

The Methodology of Economics Nineteenth-Century British Contributions

The Methodology of Economics: Nineteenth-Century British Contributions

1st Edition

Edited By John Stuart Mill
May 23, 1997

Containing key texts from such significant figures as * J.S. Mill* Nassau Senior* Henry Sedgwick* Alfred Marshall* J.E. Cairns* J.M. Keynesthis set illustrates the gradual transformation of economics from the fully contextualized political economy of the early classical economists to the abstract, ...

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