3rd Edition

History of Economic Thought A Critical Perspective

By E. K. Hunt, Mark Lautzenheiser Copyright 2011
    608 Pages
    by Routledge

    604 Pages
    by Routledge

    The new edition of this classroom classic retains the organizing theme of the original text, presenting the development of thought within the context of economic history. Economic ideas are framed in terms of the spheres of production and circulation, with a critical analysis of how past theorists presented their ideas.

    1 Introduction Economic Ideas Before Adam Smith 2 Adam Smith 4 Thomas Robert Malthus 5 David Ricardo 6 Rationalistic Subjectivism: The Economics of Bentham, Say, and Senior 7 Political Economy of the Poor: The Ideas of William Thompson and Thomas Hodgskin 8 Pure Versus Eclectic Utilitarianism: The Writings of Bastiat and Mill 9 Karl Marx 10 The Triumph of Utilitarianism: The Economics of Jevons, Menger, and Walras 11 Neoclassical Theories of the Firm and Income Distribution: The Writings of Marshall, Clark, and Böhm-Bawerk 12 Thorstein Veblen 13 Theories of Imperialism: The Writings of Hobson, Luxemburg, and Lenin 14 Consummation, Consecration, and Destruction of the Invisible Hand: Neoclassical Welfare Economics15 Neoclassical Ideology and the Myth of the Self-Adjusting Market: The Writings of John Maynard Keynes 16 Annulment of the Myth of the Measurable Productivity of Capital: The Writings of Piero Sraffa 17 Contemporary Economics I: The Bifurcation of Orthodox 18 Contemporary Economics II: Institutionalism and Post-Keynesianism19 Contemporary Economics III: The Revival of Critical Political Economy


    E. K. Hunt; Mark Lautzenheiser