2nd Edition

History of Engineering and Technology Artful Methods

By Ervan G. Garrison Copyright 1999

    History of Engineering and Technology provides an illustrated history of engineered technology from the Stone Age to the Nuclear Age. Examining important areas of engineering and technology, this second edition contains:

    New contributions on

  • Airships and zeppelins
  • Highways and economics
  • Early hydroelectricity
  • Chemical engineering
  • Technology and history
  • Brunel and the Royal Navy
  • Stealth and the submarine
  • Computer history
  • Deepwater engineering
  • Science fiction and the evolution of modern engineering
  • Art and engineering
  • Electric motors, radio, and batteries

    Expansion of these existing chapters
  • Mining and the Location of Minerals
  • Water Distribution: Qanots to Acequias
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Communication Engineering: Shannon to Satellites
  • Personalities and the Auto: Ford and Ferrari
  • Failures in Engineering: Chernobyl, Titanic, Tacoma Narrows, Challenger
  • Cold Fusion, Electric Cars, and Other "Humbug"

    This introductory book presents the persons, concepts, and events that made salient contributions to the engineering narrative, reporting a compelling story spanning millennia and encouraging a sense of history for its readers.
  • The Earliest Builders
    Early Empires and the Conquest of Materials
    Classical Antiquity: The Greeks
    Rome - The Engineering of War and Cities
    Ancient Power and Metallurgy
    Byzantine and Islamic Engineering - Picking Up a Fallen Torch
    Middle Ages - Masters of Stone
    17th and 18th Centuries
    The Advent of Steam and Mechanical Engineering
    Sanitary and Hydraulic Engineering
    20th Century Engineering: Part 1
    20th Century Engineering: Part 2
    New Technology and the Future


    Ervan G. Garrison