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1st Edition

History of Protective Tariff Laws

By R.W. Thompson Copyright 1888
    ISBN 9781138297647
    566 Pages
    Published May 10, 2019 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9781138105089
    566 Pages
    Published October 23, 2017 by Routledge

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    This book, first published in 1888 and reprinted in 1974, offers a history of US protective tariffs and their consequences for that country’s international trade, particularly with Great Britain. Its aim was to present to the reader the arguments for and against the opposing principles of protection and free trade, and in this it is successful – the book is a comprehensive analysis of the issue, seen from a time when the debate was perhaps at its most intense.

    1. General Reflections  2. Limited Extent of the US  3. Petitions in Favour of Protection  4. First Congress Adopts Protection  5. First Act of Congress for Both Revenue and Protection  6. Washington Approves Protection of Manufactures  7. Report of Secretary of Treasury  8. Protection Supported by John Adams  9. Relations with England and France  10. Madison Recommends Protection as Necessary to Independence  11. Madison Recommends Protection After the War with England  12. Congressional Proceedings  13. Proceedings of House of Representatives on Tariff of 1816  14. Tariff of 1816 Produces General Rejoicing  15. Monroe Becomes President  16. Monroe Recommends Additional Duties  17. Producers of Cotton  18. English Manufactures and Competition  19. Presidential Contest of 1824  20. Adams – Enemy of Protection?  21. Protection in the West  22. Presidential Election of 1828  23. Jackson’s Administration  24. Sectional Controversy  25. Condition of the Treasury  26. House of Representatives  27. Presidential Campaign of 1832  28. Jackson and Protection I  29. Jackson and Protection II  30. Force Bill Passed  31. Compromise Act of 1833 I  32. Incidental Protection  33. Compromise Act of 1833 II  34. Tyler and the Act  35. Tariff of 1842  36. Polk’s Administration  37. The Treasury and Free Trade  38. Tariff of 1846  39. Public Debt  40. Treasury and Bankruptcy  41. Advantages of a Protective over a Revenue Tariff  42. Duty – Revenue and Protection  43. Home Markets  44. The ‘Cobden Club’  45. Taxation Inevitable  46. English Opinions of US Policy

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