1st Edition

Holographic Reprocessing for Healing Trauma, Abuse, and Maltreatment

By Lori S. Katz Copyright 2024
    258 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    258 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Holographic Reprocessing for Healing Trauma, Abuse, and Maltreatment facilitates constructive reorganization of the perception of trauma which in turn, modifies associated emotional and behavioral tendencies that render people stuck in repetitive cycling of trauma. These patterns are called experiential holograms. This book outlines a step-by-step process to 1) identify experiential holograms, 2) consider context to holistically reappraise meaning, and 3) reprocess using an imagery-based procedure of visiting one’s younger self to offer a healing message. This novel approach is integrative, easily tailored to individual needs, and well-grounded in theory. It can be applied to healing from a variety of traumatic experiences including moral injury, medical, interpersonal, and military traumas. Numerous outcome studies support a growing evidence-base for the efficacy of this treatment, and this is an indispensable guide for trauma clinicians.

    Section 1: Foundation for holographic reprocessing  1. Introduction to holographic reprocessing  2. Theoretical foundation  3. Neural networks and associative learning  4. Holograms and experiential holograms Section 2: Implementing holographic reprocessing  5. Initial session and preparation for treatment  6. Emotion regulation skills 7. Experiential discovery  8. Interpersonal experiential holograms  9. Other trauma-based experiential holograms  10. Considering context  11. Imagery reprocessing  12. Integration and moving forward  Section 3: Status in the field  13. Comparison to other trauma therapies  14. Current outcome research


    Lori S. Katz, PhD, is a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of trauma. She received the Sarah Haley Memorial Award for Clinical Excellence from the International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies. She is the author of Holographic Reprocessing: A Cognitive-Experiential Psychotherapy for the Treatment of Trauma (2005), Warrior Renew: Healing from Military Sexual Trauma (2014), and Treating Military Sexual Trauma (2015).

    "I have seen great success with Dr. Katz’s Warrior Renew protocol and am honored to endorse this book, which presents a blueprint for using holographic reprocessing for a full range of trauma experiences. This book is a must read for any trauma therapist, not only for learning these techniques but also for reading multiple case examples that model for us Dr. Katz’s compassionate style for treating our most traumatized patients."

    Eliyahu Reich, PhD, trauma psychologist, past president of the Tennessee Psychological Association and Memphis Area Psychological Association

    "In this book, Lori Katz, a compassionate clinician and innovative thinker and researcher, offers a transdiagnostic, holistic path of healing for those who have experienced trauma, abuse, and maltreatment. Holographic Reprocessing elucidates the underlying patterns that create ripple effects of traumatic experiences through peoples' lives. This approach can transform individual lives and our collective network of interpersonal relationships."

    David R. Kopacz, MD, assistant professor, University of Washington, and author of Re-humanizing Medicine (2014); Caring for Self and Others (2023); and with Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) Walking the Medicine Wheel (2016), and Becoming Medicine (2020)

    "This book is an invaluable resource for professionals who work with trauma survivors of any kind, combining a comprehensive exploration of theory with readily applicable tools to implement in practice. Holographic reprocessing is the culmination of decades of insights from clinical experience with this population and deeply rooted in an extensive body of research. This innovative approach helps survivors achieve powerful, lasting change in their lives."

    Nicole Myers, MD, former US Army Captain