1st Edition

Homeless Children The Watchers and the Waiters

By Jerome Beker, Nancy A Boxill Copyright 1990

    At last, here is a compassionate, humane, and informative volume on the most unique and vulnerable group in our society today--homeless children. Homeless Children: The Watchers and the Waiters is unique because it offers an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the children and the enormously complicated causes of and solutions to their tragedy. The contributing authors discuss homeless children and the resolution of the problem, as well as the resulting policy and practice implications.

    From this single source of current research, policy, and practice information, you will better understand the circumstances of homelessness. You will also discover the impact of homelessness on children--the psychological effects on children’s development and behavior, the weakening of mother/child relationships, and the declining status of their physical health. Experts also describe the difficulties created by underfunded, poorly managed, and politically unpopular programs for homeless children, underscoring the need for a national policy to address the problem.

    Homeless Children: The Watchers and the Waiters is a thought-provoking and insightful book that must be read by professionals who work in human service agencies, sociologists, psychologists, health care workers, child care workers, teachers, and clergy. Policymakers, government officials, and child advocates must also read this masterful volume.

    Contents Introduction
    • Home and Homelessness in the Lives of Children
    • The Impact of Homelessness on Children
    • No Fixed Address: The Effects of Homelessness on Families and Children
    • Mother/Child Interaction Among Homeless Women and Their Children in a Public Night Shelter in Atlanta, Georgia
    • Homelessness Is Not Healthy for Children and Other Living Things
    • Homeless Children: A New Vulnerability
    • Homeless Women and Children: The Question of Poverty
    • Adrift in the City: A Comparative Study of Street Children in Bogotá, Colombia, and Guatemala City


    Authored by Beker, Jerome; Boxill, Nancy A