1st Edition

Homelessness An Annotated Bibliography

By James M. Henslin Copyright 1993
    1104 Pages
    by Routledge

    This is Volume II of a bibliography of works on the homelessness and is dedicated to the many homeless people who discussed their situation during the author's research across the United States.

    Alphabetical listings from A- Z under the headings of Advocacy for the Homeless; Aids among the Homeless; Alcohol, Drugs and the Homeless; Backlash Against the Homeless; Bibliographies on the Homeless; Homeless Children; Homelessness in Countries other than the United States; Crimes Committed Against Homeless People; Crimes by the Homeless, The Criminal Justice System and the Homeless; The Culture of Homeless People; Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill; Early Publications on the Homeless Before 1900; Homeless Families; First-Person Accounts of Homelessness; Health Issues Among the Homeless; Hobos, Tramps, Bums and Vagrants; Housing Issues; Hunger; Intentional Homelessness; Legal Aspects; The Homeless Mentally Ill; Methodological Issues in Studying the Homeless, Militancy by and for the Homeless; Homeless Prostitutes; Issues in Reinstitutionalization, Forced Sheltering and Forced Medical Treatment; Runaways; Homelessness; Issues in Shelters and Sheltering; Skid Row; Issues in Social Work; Soup Kitchens; Single Room Occupancy Hotels; Suburban Homelessness; Subways, Depots and Airports; Taxonomies of the Homeless; Homeless Veterans; Volunteer Worker; Issues about the Homeless Voting; Welfare Hotels; Homeless Women, Author Index.


    James M.Henslin