1st Edition

Homosexual Rites of Passage
A Road to Visibility and Validation

ISBN 9781560239789
Published November 19, 1999 by Routledge
128 Pages

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Book Description

Homosexual Rites of Passage: A Road to Visibility and Validation will help you, as a gay or lesbian individual, work through identity issues, come out, and become visible in a healthy and safe manner. You will find this unique book to be an excellent resource for validation and support during your courageous acts of personal growth. Furthermore, you will discover a positive affirmation of homosexual identities as well as issues that impede or prevent your positive homosexual identity formation. Homosexual Rites of Passage facilitates your journey toward visibility and personal validation by naming fear and shame as obstacles of your growth and describing affirming homosexual rites of passage so that you will not feel alone in your journey through life.

Throughout Homosexual Rites of Passage, you will explore the essential relationship between homosexual identity development and rites of passage, or life experiences or events that mark emotional, familial, and growth transitions in your life and that they are different for homosexuals than for heterosexuals. Compelling and informative, this important book discusses how homophobia and homosexuals’internalized shame often cause these rites of passage to be ignored or not considered valid rituals for gay men and lesbians. You will find helpful and insightful ideas in this informative book to help you affirm your homosexual identity, such as:

  • discovering the definitions of the stages of homosexual identity formation and their significance in defining your view of self and others
  • examining outlines and descriptions of obstacles that prevent positive homosexual identity development, such as fear, shame, and guilt
  • learning to address the role and significance of rites of passage in creating personal identity and space
  • analyzing the description of rites of passage that is specific to the homosexual community and that covers developmental milestones from birth to death, such as coming out or choosing a life partner
Homosexual Rites of Passage will assist your homosexual identity development through the celebration of homosexual rituals and rites of passage in a positive effective way. This valuable book addresses the issues that may impede your positive homosexual identity development and provides you with strategies to heal wounded and shamed identities, as well as providing you with a thorough description of homosexual rites of passage to help you understand and validate your homosexual identity.

Table of Contents

Contents Foreword (Surina Kahn)

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Chapter 1: Setting the Stage
  • Chapter 2: Positive Homosexual Identity Development
  • Chapter 3: Understanding Fear
  • Chapter 4: Overcoming Shame
  • Chapter 5: Homosexual Personal Power
  • Chapter 6: The Significance of Rites of Passage
  • Chapter 7: Acknowledging Homosexual Feelings: The Importance of “Firsts”
  • Chapter 8: Coming Out
  • Chapter 9: Bridging the Gap: Friendships, Dating, Relationships, and Love
  • Chapter 10: Commitment Rituals
  • Chapter 11: Family Planning: Pregnancy, Adoption, Childbirth, and Parenting
  • Chapter 12: Aging Rites
  • Chapter 13: A Road to Visibility and Validation
  • Bibliography
  • Reference Notes Included

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