This study covers comodules, rational modules and bicomodules; cosemisimple, semiperfect and co-Frobenius algebras; bialgebras and Hopf algebras; actions and coactions of Hopf algebras on algebras; finite dimensional Hopf algebras, with the Nicholas-Zoeller and Taft-Wilson theorems and character theory; and more.

    Algebras and coalgebras; comodules; special classes of coalgebras; bialgebras and Hopf algrebras; integrals; actions and coactions; finite dimensional Hopf algebras; the category theory language; C-groups and C-cogroups.


    Sorin Dascalescu, Constantin Nastasescu, Serban Raianu

    ". . .a valuable investment for any student and researcher interested in algebra."
    ". . .a timely addition to the literature... . . .an up-to-date introduction to the algebraic theory of Hopf algebras."
    ---Zbl. Math
    ". . .state of the art."
    ---Mathematical Reviews