1st Edition

Hot Fudge Monday Tasty Ways to Teach Parts of Speech to Students Who Have a Hard Time Swallowing Anything to Do With Grammar (Grades 7-12)

By Randy Larson Copyright 2005
    182 Pages
    by Prufrock Press

    Hard as it is to believe, teachers tell us all of the time that their students actually ask to do the funny, wacky activities from Hot Fudge Monday.

    This new, expanded edition of our best-selling book offers even more tasty ways to teach parts of speech, including quirky quizzes, extended writing activities, and Internet enrichment activities that reinforce new skills.

    Hot Fudge Monday joins the study of words to the process of writing those words into meaningful sentences. The book consists of eight chapters, each one dealing with one part of speech. Students learn about the various parts of speech through short writing activities that are interesting, humorous, and a bit offbeat.

    Grades 7-12

    Using Hot Fudge Monday Verbs What Are Verbs? Five Hundred Horsepower Verbs Pop Goes the Verb Verbs Alive Verb Variety Catastrophic Verbs The Ls Have It Time Warp Tight Connections Verbs that Personify Rewriting Mother Goose It Tolls for Thee Disturbed Verbs Hire Me! Peanut Butter Spreader Verbs Doing Two Jobs Piñata Party Time Turkey Melt Nouns 29 What Are Nouns? On a Clear Noun You Can See Forever Common Nouns and Proper Nouns Replace Dead Nouns Muckberry Gazette More Muckberry Be Sharp What’s the Dif? Leaving Home Turtlebiscuit Metaphor Magic Weird Careers Cheese Balls Prepositions What Are Prepositions? In the Beginning Catching the Drift Cleaning Up The Correct Preposition, Please Unnecessary Prepositions What is a Prepositional Phrase? Prepositions in Concert Professional Phrases Make Your Own Pick Your Preposition Phrases From the Dark Side Idioms Preposition Recall Adjectives What Are Adjectives? Here’s . . . the Adjective! Jazzing It Up Brothers A Deal You Can Refuse Jailbird Do You Love L.A.? Snake Spit! Ms. Silvershine No One Nose Roadside Attractions Secret Shopper Conjunctions What Are Conjunctions? Get Coordinated! And You’re Breathless A Series of Ands Details, Details The Exclusive Or But Put in the Comma For the Love of Commas Yet and Nor—Say No More Either/Or . . . Neither/Nor Use Them or Lose Them Make Your Own Write On Subordinating Conjunctions Subordinating Combos The Making of a Dependent Clause Subordinatium Gladiloli Smothered Burrito Investigation Fruitful Fashion Ice Hotel Spaghetti Heaven Pronouns What Are Pronouns? The Case of the Pronoun Prank Getting Personal “Self” Pronouns Always Single Everyone’s Favorite Pronouns of Your Own Find Them and Fix Them Possessive Pronouns Non-Sexist Pronouns It’s All Relative Pronouns Out of Place Writing with Relatives Nobody Wild Weekend Messed Up Titles and Bicycle Stew Interjections What Are Interjections? All Alone in the World Hey! This Is Serious Holy Bat Wings! Pirate Talk Super Socket A New Search Engine Schloopy, Schloopy Adverbs What Are Adverbs? Adverbs? How? Adverbs? Where? The Case of the Adverb Clue Adverbs? When? Adverbs? To What Extent? Adverbs . . . Not Just for Verbs Anymore Lights! Action! Adverbs! Tagging Along Adverb Overflow Party Time Cat Whisperer Somewhere, Over the Dumpster Going Somewhere? Weird Sports Swiss Only Answer Keys About the Author Common Core State Standards Alignment


    Randy Larson grew up in Michigan and now lives in the small town of Gillette, Wyoming, with his wife Judy and their son Gabriel. He has taught English, grades 7-12, for over 25 years.