1st Edition

Housing and Home Unbound Intersections in economics, environment and politics in Australia

Edited By Nicole Cook, Aidan Davison, Louise Crabtree Copyright 2016
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    254 Pages
    by Routledge

    Housing and Home Unbound pioneers understandings of housing and home as a meeting ground in which intensive practices, materials and meanings tangle with extensive economic, environmental and political worlds. Cutting across disciplines, the book opens up the conceptual and empirical study of housing and home by exploring the coproduction of the concrete and the abstract, the intimate and the institutional, the experiential and the collective.

    Exploring diverse examples in Australia and New Zealand, contributors address the interleaving of money and materials in the digital commodity of real estate, the neoliberal invention of housing as a liquid asset and source of welfare provision, and the bundling of car and home in housing markets. The more-than-human relations of housing and home are articulated through the role of suburban nature in the making of Australian modernity, the marketing of nature in waterfront urban renewal, the role of domestic territory in subversive social movements such as Seasteading and Tiny Houses, and the search for home comfort through low-cost energy efficiency practices. The transformative politics of housing and home are explored through the decolonizing of housing tenure, the shaping of housing policy by urban social movements, the lived importance of marginal spaces in Indigenous and other housing, and the affective lessons of the ruin. Beginning with the diverse elements gathered together in housing and home, the text opens up the complex realities and possibilities of human dwelling.

    1. Housing and home unbound (Nicole Cook, Aidan Davison and Louise Crabtree),  Part I. Housing/Home and Worlds of Finance,  2. Uploading Real Estate: Home as a Digital, Global Commodity (Dallas Rogers),  3. Homeownership, Asset-based Welfare and the Actuarial Subject: Exploring the Dynamics of Ageing and Homeownership in New Zealand (Laurence Murphy and Michael Rehm),  4. Liquid Housing Wealth in an Era of Financialisation (Fiona Allon and Jean Parker),  5. Cohabiting with Cars: The Tangled Connections Between Car Parking and Housing Markets (Liz Taylor),  Part II. Housing/Home and Worlds of Nature,  6. Secure in the Privacy of Your Own Nature: Political Ontology, Urban Nature and Home Ownership in Australia (Aidan Davison),  7. Making Nature and Money in the East Perth Redevelopment (Laurence Troy),  8. Displacement as Method: Seasteading, Tiny Houses, and ‘Freemen on the Land’ (Lorenzo Veracini),  9. "The Best House Possible": The Everyday Practices and Micro-politics of Achieving Comfort in a Low-Cost Home (Michelle Gabriel, Millie Rooney and Phillipa Watson),  Part III. Housing/Home and Worlds of Possibility,  10. Unbounding Home Ownership in Australia (Louise Crabtree),  11. Performing Housing Affordability: the case of Sydney's Green Bans (Nicole Cook),  12. Interstitial Housing Space: No Centre Just Borders (Wendy Steele and Cathy Keys),  13. Burnt Houses and the Haunted Home: Reconfiguring the ruin in Australia (Katrina Schlunke), Thrown-togetherness, 2015 (Andrew Gorman-Murray)


    Nicole Cook, University of Melbourne, Australia

    Aidan Davison, University of Tasmania, Australia

    Louise Crabtree, University of Western Sydney, Australia