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Housing and Society Series

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This series aims to situate housing within its wider social, political and economic context at both national and international level. In doing so it will draw on the full range of social science disciplines and on mainstream debate on the nature of contemporary social change. The books are intended to appeal to an international academic audience as well as to practitioners and policymakers – to be theoretically informed and policy relevant.

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Housing, Markets and Policy

Housing, Markets and Policy

1st Edition

Edited By Peter Malpass, Rob Rowlands
August 24, 2009

This book of specially commissioned essays by distinguished housing scholars addresses the big issues in contemporary debates about housing and housing policy in the UK. Setting out a distinctive and coherent analysis, it steers a course between those accounts that rely on economic theory and ...

The Hidden Millions Homelessness in Developing Countries

The Hidden Millions: Homelessness in Developing Countries

1st Edition

By Graham Tipple, Suzanne Speak
April 20, 2009

This book explores the extent, causes and characteristics of homelessness in developing countries. Bringing together a major review of literature and empirical case studies, it is invaluable for those studying, researching or working in housing, homelessness, social policy or urban poverty. Drawing...

Housing Transformations Shaping the Space of Twenty-First Century Living

Housing Transformations: Shaping the Space of Twenty-First Century Living

1st Edition

By Bridget Franklin
July 25, 2006

Drawing together a wide range of literature, this original book combines social theory with elements from the built environment disciplines to provide insight into how and why we build places and dwell in spaces that are at once contradictory, confining, liberating and illuminating. This ...

Housing and Social Policy Contemporary Themes and Critical Perspectives

Housing and Social Policy: Contemporary Themes and Critical Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Peter Somerville, Nigel Sprigings
July 19, 2005

This topical book transforms the analysis of housing problems into a lively, interesting and contentious subject of social scientific study, addressing themes of residential experience, inclusion/empowerment, sustainability and professionalism/managerialism, which lie at the heart of the ...

Gentrification in a Global Context

Gentrification in a Global Context

1st Edition

Edited By Rowland Atkinson, Gary Bridge
May 19, 2005

Gentrification, a process of class neighbourhood upgrading, is being identified in a broader range of urban contexts throughout the world. This book throws new light and evidence to bear on a subject that deeply divides commentators on its worth and social costs given its ability to physically ...

Housing and Social Change East-West Perspectives

Housing and Social Change: East-West Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Ray Forrest, James Lee
October 14, 2003

This wide-ranging exploration of the key contemporary relationships between social change and housing is both policy-oriented and theoretical, drawing on a group of internationally-respected academics. It is also multidisciplinary, incorporating sociology, economics, social policy and human ...

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