1st Edition

How Can We Commit The Unthinkable? Genocide: The Human Cancer

By Israel W. Charny Copyright 1982
    by Routledge

    448 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This book provides discussion on the normality of man's availability to genocide. It proposes a frame of reference for attempts to understand human mad violence alongside the genius of human creativity, as both issue from the very givens of life and death in human existence.

    1. Introduction to a Book About Life and Death 2. Normal Man as Genocider Part One: What are the Origins of Human Destructiveness? 3. The Cancer of Experiencing: The Intimacy of Life and Death 4. The Sources of Human Aggression 5. The Integration of "Good" and ''Bad" in Healthy Aggression 6. Destruction in the Quest for Life Part Two: When does Man Commit Genocide? 7. The Human Beings Who Are to Be the Genociders: The Individual, the Family, and the Group as We Know Them in Their "Better Days" 8. The Tragic Illusion of Self-defense 9. Sacrificing Others to the Death We Fear Ourselves: The Ultimate Illusion of Self-defense 10. The Human Beings Who Are to Be the Victims Part Three: Why can there Still Be Hope? 11. Nonviolent Aggression as an Antidote to Destructive Violence 12. Strategies for Nonviolent Aggression in Designing the Social Environment 13. Toward a Genocide Early Warning System Postscript 14. Some Conclusions and a Redefinition of" Abnormality"