1st Edition

How Professionals Make Decisions

ISBN 9780805844719
Published September 23, 2004 by CRC Press
472 Pages

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Book Description

This volume is the fruit of the 5th conference on Naturalistic Decision Making which focused on the importance of studying people who have some degree of expertise in the domain in which they make decisions. The substantive concerns pertain to how individuals and groups make decisions in professional and organizational settings, and to develop suitable methods for studying these questions rigorously.

This volume appeals to practitioners in business and government, as well as academics and students who are interested in naturalistic decision making.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. H. Montgomery, R. Lipshitz, B. Brehmer, Introduction: From the First to the Fifth Volume of Naturalistic Decision Making Research. Part I: Individual Decision Making. K. Burns, Mental Models and Normal Errors. M.M. Omodei, J. McLennan, G.C. Elliott, A.J. Wearing, J.M. Clancy, "More Is Better?": A Bias Toward Overuse of Resources in Naturalistic Decision-Making Settings. P. Thunholm, Planning Under Time Pressure: An Attempt Toward a Prescriptive Model of Military Tactical Decision Making. J.D. Sterman, L.B. Sweeney, Managing Complex Dynamic Systems: Challenge and Opportunity for Naturalistic Decision-Making Theory. R. Lipshitz, A.A. Pras, Not Only for Experts: Recognition-Primed Decisions in the Laboratory. M. Cesna, K. Mosier, Using a Prediction Paradigm to Compare Levels of Expertise and Decision Making Among Critical Care Nurses. H. Montgomery, The Psychology of Economic Forecasting: A Possibility for Cooperation Between Judgment and Decision Making and Naturalistic Decision-Making Theories? B. Goitein, E.U. Bond, III, Modes of Effective Managerial Decision Making: Assessment of a Typology. K.A. Ericsson, Superior Decision Making as an Integral Quality of Expert Performance: Insights Into the Mediating Mechanisms and Their Acquisition Through Deliberate Practice. Part II: Social Decision Making. D.A. Kline, Intuitive Team Decision Making. W. Brun, J. Eid, B.H. Johnsen, J.C. Laberg, B. Ekornås, T. Kobbeltvedt, Bridge Resource Management Training: Enhancing Shared Mental Models and Task Performance? B. Johansson, R. Granlund, Y. Waern, Research on Decision Making and New Technology: Methodological Issues. J. McLennan, O. Pavlou, M.M. Omodei, Cognitive Control Processes Discriminate Between Better Versus Poorer Performance by Fire Ground Commanders. C.M. Allwood, L. Hedelin, Adjusting New Initiatives to the Social Environment: Organizational Decision Making as Learning, Commitment Creating, and Behavior Regulation. P. Berggren, Observing Situational Awareness: When Differences in Opinion Appear. H.A. Klein, Cultural Differences in Cognition: Barriers in Multinational Collaborations. D. Vaughan, The Normalization of Deviance: Signals of Danger, Situated Action, and Risk. I. Kavathatzopoulos, Making Ethical Decisions in Professional Life. Part III: Advances in Naturalistic Decision-Making Methodology. P. Andersson, A Software Program to Trace Decision Behavior in Lending and an Empirical Example on How Professionals Make Decisions. R. Ranyard, J. Williamson, Conversation-Based Process Tracing Methods for Naturalistic Decision Making: Information Search and Verbal Protocol Analysis. J-M. Hoc, R. Amalberti, Modeling Naturalistic Decision-Making Cognitive Activities in Dynamic Situations: The Role of a Coding Scheme. G. Klein, L. Militello, The Knowledge Audit as a Method for Cognitive Task Analysis. J. Gore, M. Riley, Recruitment and Selection in Hotels: Experiencing Cognitive Task Analysis. B. Peterson, J.L. Stine, R.P. Darken, Eliciting Knowledge From Military Ground Navigators. R. Lipshitz, There Is More to Seeing Than Meets the Eyeball: The Art and Science of Observation. E.M. Roth, E.S. Patterson, Using Observational Study as a Tool for Discovery: Uncovering Cognitive and Collaborative Demands and Adaptive Strategies. L. Norros, U-M. Klemola, Naturalistic Analysis of Anesthetists' Clinical Practice.

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