1st Edition

How the World Changed Volume 2 1939-1968

By John Eppstein Copyright 1969

    First published in 1969, How the World Changed: Volume 2 1939-1968 is the second of two volumes that together outline the political history of the twentieth century up to 1968.

    This volume covers the period from 1939-1968 and examines the history and politics of the Second World War and the state of the world in the years that followed it, including economic recovery, Soviet expansion, the Chinese People’s Republic, and shifts in world power.

    Part 1 1939-1945, The Second World War; 1: History of the Fighting; 2: Politics of the Second World War; Part 2 1945-1968, The Transformation of World Power; 3: Economic Recovery and Co-operation in Europe; 4: Resistance to Soviet Expansion, and the Nuclear Stalemate; 5: The United States in the Modern World; 6: The Soviet Union in the Modern World; 7: The Chinese People’s Republic; Part 3 New Features of Contemporary History; 8: Attempts to Organize World Society; 9: The Battle of Ideas; 10: New Nations Replace Old Empires; Suggested Reading List for Teachers; Index


    John Eppstein