1st Edition

How to Avoid Employment Tribunals: And What to Do If You Can't And What to Do If You Can't

By Colin Everson Copyright 2002

    This title was first published in 2002: The best way to avoid losing at an employment tribunal is to make sure that you don't get drawn into one. Colin Everson offers a practical training resource to help you understand the risks associated with employment tribunals, identify risk areas within your organization and, most important of all, provide you with the means to raise awareness amongst both managers and their employees and help them develop good people-management practice. At the heart of the resource are three compelling training case studies on unfair dismissal, racial discrimination and sexual discrimination. This resource also provides you with material to audit your current management practices and identify where and how to improve them.

    How to use this resource, Introduction: Handling employment tribunals effectively, The risk management approach to employment tribunals, ‘Where’s there’s blame, there lies a claim’, Personal Attitude Questionnaire, Case study 1: An application alleging Unfair Dismissal, Case study 2: An application regarding Constructive Dismissal and Race Discrimination, Case study 3: An application regarding Unfair Dismissal and Sex Discrimination, Procedural checklist, Tribunal procedures, Glossary, Appendices


    Everson, Colin