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    by Routledge

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    Creative solutions without the filler. That is what you get from this practical guide to enhancing your titles, motion graphics and visual effects with Motion. Step-by-step instruction is concisely described and lavishly illustrated. The downloadable resources show the techniques at work so you can take them and run.

    Introduction; Breaking Up; Text Effects; Backgrounds; Enhancing Reality; Transitions; Cartoon Looks;Animation;Tricks;Sound;3D;Light and Shadow; Grab Bag; The Future


    Patrick Sheffield has 20 years of film and video postproduction experience with credit for more than 500 commercials, and 200 music videos, including an MTV award for Music Video Award for Best Editing in a Music Video for the REM video Everybody Hurts. As a partner in Pistolera Post, Patrick uses the Apple professional suite of applications to edit and finish material for broadcast television, DVD, and the web. His music videos have included acclaimed artists such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elton John, and the Rolling Stones, and he has edited all the NBC Emmy award winning PSAs The More You Know for the last 3 years. Patrick is active on the Apple Support Discussions forum for their Pro Applications, ranked as the highest poster in the Motion and Shake forums.

    "Patrick Sheffield does things with Motion--things that I didn't even know were possible--to create incredible looks and effects. He teaches you how to do them yourself in clear, concise steps that make it easy to follow along. This book is an outstanding resource for anyone looking to do more with Motion."--Mark Spencer, Apple-certified trainer, author, and motion graphics artist, applemotion.net

    "In this book you'll find an arsenal of remarkable, riveting and gratifying tutorials, which will keep you turning the pages!" --Yael Braha, Motion Graphic Design Director, Ex'pression College, Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Color Certified Trainer