How to Coach for Creativity and Service Excellence : A Lean Coaching Workbook book cover
1st Edition

How to Coach for Creativity and Service Excellence
A Lean Coaching Workbook

ISBN 9780367136567
Published January 28, 2019 by Productivity Press
186 Pages 120 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

How to Coach for Creativity and Service Excellence: A Lean Coaching Workbook is a self-contained workbook, in which the reader completes twenty-one days of practical exercises and activities focused on creativity, lean and coaching (one set per day). This will enable the reader to develop their capability and confidence to be creative, adapt lean principles, practices and tools to their unique service organization and coach others to do the same. The workbook guides the reader through a structured, systematic, easy-to-understand, habit-building approach, and function as the reader’s ‘coach’. As the reader ‘works’ their way through the book, they will reclaim their creativity, learn Karyn’s tried-and-true 15-minute a day coaching approach and adapt lean principles, practices and tools to their particular service organization.

As an internationally acclaimed lean consultant, highly experienced coach and coauthor of The Toyota Way to Service Excellence, Karyn Ross is often asked to help service organizations that are struggling to translate lean principles into the sustainable practices that will meet their - and their customers' - unique needs, now and for the long-term. Over the years, Karyn has found that the best way for organizations to overcome this struggle is to develop a network of coaches who can help people at all levels:

• Learn by ‘doing’. Changing what we do – and seeing the different result - changes how we think, not the opposite!

• Adapt lean in a way that makes sense for their service organization. Lean practitioners working in service organizations may have difficulty adapting lean manufacturing practices to meet the special ‘people’ considerations found in services.

• Practice continuously to make a habit. Coaching helps people develop the discipline and stamina needed to turn new behaviors into habits.

That’s the beauty of this book! It functions as the reader’s personal ‘coach’, guiding them through the daily practice required to make new behaviors (and the resulting new thinking) a habit, so that they can coach their organization to success!

Table of Contents

Welcome Section (Preface)

Part 1: Introduction: It takes 21 Days To Make a Habit! Time to Get Started!

Day 1: Lean Service Basics

Part 2: Time to Practice!

Day 2: Always Start with Purpose

Day 3: A Vision Gives Us Something to Strive Towards Together!

Day 4: Service is About Others

Day 5: Service Value Streams Tend to Be Circular

Day 6: Creating Peak Services vs Simply Solving Problems

Day 7: Start with What Should be Happening (Target)

Day 8: Do You REALLY Know What’s Going On?

Day 9: The Importance of ‘Making It Visible’: Both Process and Mindsets!

Day 10: The Importance of ‘Making it Visible’: Minding the Gap!

Day 11: Striving for Single-Piece Flow in Service Processes

Day 12: Barriers to Flow in Service Processes: Part 1

Day 13: Barriers to Flow in Service Processes: Part 2

Day 14: Barriers to Flow in Services: Part 3

Day 15: Leveling Work in Services: Part 1

Day 16: Leveling Work in Services: Part 2

Day 17: Leveling Work in Services: Part 3

Day 18: Standardized Work in Services: Part 1

Day 19: Standardized Work in Services: Part 2

Day 20: Time to Reflect!

Part 3: Conclusion: Where am I - and my learner - now? What’s Next?

Day 21: What Did We Learn?

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Coauthor of the Shingo-Award winning The Toyota Way to Service Excellence, Karyn Ross is an internationally recognized consultant, coach and lean practitioner. Karyn has taught organizations of all sizes, in sectors as diverse as insurance, HR, transportation, government, healthcare and retail how to use creativity combined with Toyota Way principles, practices and tools. This powerful combination enables organizations to deliver the peak services that each of their customers wants, now and for the future, and differentiates them from their competitors.

While many other Lean consultants focus on implementing tools, Karyn teaches people how to use Practical Creativity™ to continuously strive towards service excellence. By developing each person’s capability through Coached Practice, Karyn focuses on the means: the ‘how’, and not just the ‘ends’ or the results, because 'how we get there is as important as where we are going'.

A practicing artist, with an MFA in Sculpture, Karyn specializes in developing people’s creativity, lean and coaching skills so that each organization can flourish, thrive and grow and fulfill its purpose for the long-term.