1st Edition

Hox Modules in Evolution and Development

Edited By David E. K. Ferrier Copyright 2023
    218 Pages 33 Color & 5 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    218 Pages 33 Color & 5 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Few, if any, genes have had the same level of impact on the field of evolutionary-developmental biology (evo-devo) as the Hox genes. These genes are renowned for their roles in patterning the body plans and development of the animal kingdom. This is complemented by the distinctive organisation of these genes in the genome, with them frequently being found as clusters in which gene position is linked to when and where the individual genes are expressed, particularly during embryogenesis. This book provides the latest overviews of Hox gene organisation and function for major clades of animals from across the animal kingdom. With the rapidly increasing availability of high-quality whole genome sequences from an ever-expanding range of species, it is becoming increasingly evident that there is great diversity in the organisation of Hox genes. These great strides in genome sequencing are wedded to important developments in our ability to detect expression and disrupt gene function in species that are not traditionally genetically-amenable animals. These technical developments are integrated with wide taxon-sampling in this volume to provide new perspectives on the roles of Hox genes in understanding fundamental issues such as embryo patterning, mechanisms of gene regulation, homology, evolvability, evolutionary novelties, phylogeny, the role of gene and genome duplications in evolution, and ancestral states for major clades of animals.

    Key features

    • Integrative overviews from major animal groups including, arthropods, vertebrates, echinoderms, mollusks and other spiralians.
    • Perspectives gleaned from the latest genome sequence and gene expression data.
    • Individual chapters written by world-leading experts in Hox genes and evo-devo in each animal group.

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    Series Preface


    About the Editor


    1. Introduction to Hox Modules in Evolution and Development

    David E.K. Ferrier

    2. Multiple Layers of Complexity in the Regulation of the Bithorax Complex of Drosophila

    François Karch and Robert K. Maeda

    3. The Role of Hox Genes in the Origins and Diversification of Beetle Horns

    Eduardo E. Zattara and Armin P. Moczek

    4. Duplication and Evolution of Hox Clusters in Chelicerata (Arthropoda)

    Prashant P. Sharma

    5. Structural Constraints in Hox Clusters: Lessons from Sharks and Rays

    Shigehiro Kuraku

    6. Evolution of Cyclostome Hox Clusters

    Juan Pascual-Anaya and Christine Böhmer

    7. Hox Genes in Echinoderms

    Akihito Omori and Naoki Irie

    8. Hox Genes in Mollusca

    Tim Wollesen and Andreas Wanninger

    9. The Evolution of Hox Genes in Spiralia

    Ludwik Gąsiorowski, José M. Martín-Durán, and Andreas Hejnol



    Dr David E.K. Ferrier leads the Evolutionary Developmental Genomics (EDGe) group in the Scottish Oceans Institute, in the School of Biology at the University of St Andrews (UK). Dr Ferrier’s research is focused on the interplay between genome organisation and content with the evolution of animal development. Much of his research has been concentrated on the homeobox-encoding genes, such as the Hox genes, and he has published papers on these genes in species from across a wide range of the animal kingdom.