1st Edition

Human Cognitive Abilities in Theory and Practice

Edited By John J. McArdle, Richard W. Woodcock Copyright 1998
    368 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    362 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    Research on human cognitive abilities has a long history in psychology and education, and has been widely applied to practical problems in schools, clinics, and employment settings. This book explores the historical background and current views of how human intelligence manifests itself in real-world contexts.

    Contents: J.J. McArdle, R.W. Woodcock, Introduction. Part I:Keynote Speakers. R.E. Snow, Introduction of J.B. Carroll. J.B. Carroll, Human Cognitive Abilities: A Critique. J.L. Horn, Introduction of Raymond B. Cattell. R.B. Cattell, Where Is Intelligence? Some Answers From the Triadic Theory. S.W. Porges, Introduction of E.N. Sokolov. E.N. Sokolov, Higher Mental Activity and Basic Physiology: Subjective Difference and Reaction Time. Part II:Invited Talks. J. Horn, A Basis for Research on Age Differences in Cognitive Capabilities. R.E. Snow, Abilities as Aptitudes and Achievements in Learning Situations. S. Scarr, How Do Families Affect Intelligence? Social Environmental and Behavior Genetic Predictions. R.W. Woodcock, Extending Gf-Gc Theory Into Practice. Part III:Poster Session Papers. J.J. McArdle, Contemporary Statistical Models for Examining Test-Bias. S.H. Aggen, Interbattery Convergent Measurement Models Applied to the WAIS and WJ-R. S.M. Boker, J.J. McArdle, A Psychotelemetry Experiment in Fluid Intelligence. F. Hamagami, A Developmental-Based Item Factor Analysis. P.A. Hulick, A Structural Factor Analysis of Gender and Age Differences in Cognitive Ability. J.G. Noll, J. Horn, Age Differences in Processes of Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence. T.S. Paskus, Decision Validity Methods Applied to Cognitive Assessments of Brain Disorder. Part IV:Discussions. Discussions of Human Cognitive Abilities Conference Papers.


    John J. McArdle, Richard W. Woodcock

    "The book contains chapters by several well-known researchers including Scarr, Sokolov, Woodcock, and McArdle, along with poster-session papers...and transcripts of the often interesting discussions following some of the papers....In all, the book delivers a wealth of explicit, testable claims..."