1st Edition

Human-Computer Interaction Fundamentals

Edited By Andrew Sears, Julie A. Jacko Copyright 2009
    352 Pages 124 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    350 Pages 124 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Hailed on first publication as a compendium of foundational principles and cutting-edge research, The Human-Computer Interaction Handbook has become the gold standard reference in this field. Derived from select chapters of this groundbreaking and authoritative resource, Human-Computer Interaction Fundamentals emphasizes emerging topics such as sensor based interactions, tangible interfaces, augmented cognition, cognition under stress, ubiquitous and wearable computing, and privacy and security. It puts the spotlight not only on the fundamental issues involved in the technology of human-computer interactions and but also on the users themselves. The book features visionary perspectives and developments that fundamentally transform the way in which researchers and practitioners view this discipline.

    A Moving Target: The Evolution of HCI , J. Grudin
    Humans in HCI
    Perceptual-Motor Interaction: Some Implications for HCI, T.N. Welsh, R. Chua, D.J. Weeks, and D. Goodman
    Human Information Processing: An Overview for Human–Computer Interaction, R.W. Proctor and K.-P.L. Vu
    Mental Models in Human–Computer Interaction, S.J. Payne
    Emotion in Human–Computer Interaction, S. Brave and C. Nass
    Cognitive Architecture, M.D. Byrne
    Task Loading and Stress in Human–Computer Interaction: Theoretical Frameworks and Mitigation Strategies, J. L. Szalma and P. Hancock
    Motivating, Influencing, and Persuading Users: An Introduction to Captology, B. J. Fogg, G. Cueller, and D. Danielson
    Human-Error Identification in Human–Computer Interaction, N. Stanton

    Computers in HCI
    Input Technologies and Techniques, K. Hinckley
    Sensor- and Recognition-Based Input for Interaction, A.D. Wilson
    Visual Displays, C. Schlick, M. Ziefle, M. Park, and H. Luczak
    Haptic Interfaces, H. Iwata
    Nonspeech Auditory Output, S. Brewster
    Network-Based Interaction, A. Dix
    Wearable Computers, D. Siewiorek, A.S. Mailagic, and T. Starner
    Design of Computer Workstations, M.J. Smith, P. Carayon, and W.J. Cohen


    Julie A. Jacko, Andrew Sears