1st Edition

Human Eye Imaging and Modeling

    430 Pages 174 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    430 Pages 174 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Advanced image processing and mathematical modeling techniques are increasingly being used for the early diagnosis of eye diseases. A comprehensive review of the field, Human Eye Imaging and Modeling details the latest advances and analytical techniques in ocular imaging and modeling.

    The first part of the book looks at imaging of the fundus as well as infrared imaging. It begins by exploring developments in the analysis of fundus images, particularly for the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. It also reviews anterior segment imaging and reports on developments in ocular thermography, especially the use of thermal imaging as the basis of tear evaporimetry and dry eye diagnosis.

    The second part of the book delves into mathematical modeling of the human eye. Coverage includes modeling of the eye during retinal laser surgery, a framework for optical simulation, heat distribution using a 3D web-splines solution, and exposure to laser radiation. The text also examines computer simulation of the human eye based on principles of heat transfer, as well as various bioheat equations to predict interior temperatures based on the surface temperature.

    Featuring contributions by established experts in eye imaging, this is a valuable reference for medical personnel and researchers who want to know more about state-of-the-art computer-based imaging and detection methods. It presents novel imaging and modeling algorithms that can aid in early diagnosis, with the aim of enriching the lives of people suffering from eye abnormalities.


    Automated Identification of Diabetes Retinopathy Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques
    M. Muthu Rama Krishnan, Wong Li Yun, U. Rajendra Acharya, G. Swapna, and Jasjit S. Suri

    VAMPIRE: Vessel Assessment and Measurement Platform for Images of the Retina
    Thomas J. MacGillivray, Adria Perez-Rovira, Emanuele Trucco, Khai Sing Chin, Andrea Giachetti, Carmen A. Lupascu, Domenico Tegolo, Peter J. Wilson, Alexander Doney, Augustinus Laude, and Baljean Dhillon

    Formal Design and Development of a Glaucoma Classification System
    Oliver Faust, U. Rajendra Acharya, Jen Hong Tan, and Toshiyo Tamura

    Computer-Aided Assessment of Optic Nerve
    Cheng-Kai Lu, Tong Boon Tang, Augustinus Laude, Baljean Dhillon, and Alan F. Murray

    A Survey Of Instruments for Eye Diagnostics with Special Emphasis on Glaucoma Detection
    Teik-Cheng Lim, U. Rajendra Acharya , and Subhagata Chattopadhyay

    Imaging Modalities and Medical Applications in the Ocular Surface
    A. Petznick, W. Lan, S.Y. Lee, and L. Tong

    Current Research on Ocular Surface Temperature
    Jen Hong Tan, E.Y.K. Ng, and U. Rajendra Acharya

    Computer Methods in the Estimation of Tear Evaporation by Thermography
    Jen Hong Tan, E.Y.K. Ng, and U. Rajendra Acharya

    Tear Film Thermal Image Characteristics Analysis in Temporal and Spatial Aspects
    Huihua Kenny Chiang, Tai Yuan Su, Shu Wen Chang, Joe Chang, and David O. Chang


    Biomechanical Modeling of the Human Eye with a Focus on the Cornea
    David Varssano, Roy Asher, and Amit Gefen

    Modeling Retinal Laser Surgery in Human Eye
    Arunn Narasimhan and Lingam Gopal

    A Geometric Model of the 3D Human Eye and Its Optical Simulation
    Leandro Paganotti Brazil and Odemir Martinez Bruno

    Human Eye Heat Distribution Using 3D Web-Splines Solution
    Fulya Callialp Kunter and S. Selim Seker

    Modeling of Human Eye Exposed to Laser Radiation
    Mario Cvetkovic, Dragan Poljak, and Andres Peratta

    Computational Bioheat Modeling in Human Eye with Local Blood Perfusion Effect
    Hui Wang and Qing-Hua Qin

    Modeling and Simulation of Bioheat Transfer in the Human Eye with Edge-Based Smoothed Finite Element Method (ES-FEM)
    Eric Li, G.R. Liu, Vincent Tan, and Z.C. He

    A Numerical Approach to Bioheat and Mass Transfer in the Human Eye
    Andreas Karampatzakis and Theodoros Samaras



    EYK Ng, PhD, earned his PhD at Cambridge University. His research is in thermal imaging, biomedical engineering, and computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer. He is a faculty member at the Nanyang Technological University. He has published 260 papers in SCI journals (173), conference proceedings (35), and textbook chapters (72), and has co-authored 9 books. Ng is editor-in-chief for the Journal of Mechanics in Medicine & Biology and Journal of Medical Imaging & Health Informatics, and is strategy associate editor-in-chief for the World Journal of Clinical Oncology.

    Jen Hong Tan, PhD, earned his PhD from Nanyang Technological University, where he specialized in 2D biosignal processing. He is an application research engineer working on projects such as computer-aided diagnosis in posterior-anterior chest radiograph (with SATA Commhealth Singapore), and non-contact tear evaporimetry using infrared thermography (with Singapore Eye Research Institute).

    U Rajendra Acharya, PhD, DEng, is a visiting faculty member at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore, adjunct faculty at Singapore Institute of Technology- University of Glasgow/Singapore Joint Campus, and associate faculty in SIM University, Singapore. He earned his PhD from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, India, and his DEng from Chiba University, Japan. He has published more than 240 papers, in refereed international SCI-IF journals (145), international conference proceedings (42), textbook chapters (62), and books (11 including in press) with h-index of 16 (Scopus). He has worked on various funded projects with grants worth more than 1.5 million SGD.

    Jasjit S. Suri, MS, PhD, MBA, Fellow AIMBE, is an innovator, scientist, and internationally known world leader who has spent over 20 years in the field of biomedical engineering/sciences and its management. He earned his doctorate from the University of Washington, Seattle, and his MBA from Weatherhead, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland. Suri was awarded the President’s Gold Medal in 1980 by the Directorate General National Cadet Corps and has been named a Fellow of American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering for his outstanding contributions.