1st Edition

Human Heat Stress

By Ken Parsons Copyright 2019
    162 Pages 7 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Thousands of people continue to die from heat. Heat illnesses and advice for preventing heat casualties at work, during heatwaves, sport and the effects of global warming are described. A new perspective on thermoregulation integrates physiological and psychophysical regulated variables. Heat stress indices, the WBGT and the SWreq are presented. It is time to understand and routinely use computer simulations of people in hot conditions. How to understand how a model can be constructed is also described.

    This book provides an accessible, concise and comprehensive coverage into how people respond to heat and how to predict and avoid heat causalities. A practical productivity model, and Burn thresholds, complete the book which begins with up to date knowledge on measurement of heat stress, heat strain, metabolic rate and the thermal properties and influences of clothing.


    • Provides methods and regulations through international standards
    • Illustrates the WBGT and analytical heat stress indices and how to construct a thermal model
    • Discusses the role of clothing on heat stress and thermal strain
    • Presents a new model for predicting productivity in the heat
    • Offers a new method of human thermoregulation
    • Considers heat illness and prevention during heatwaves and in global warming

    1 Human Heat Stress

    2 Thermoregulation and Human Response to Heat

    3 Human Metabolic Heat

    4 Human Heat Stress and Clothing

    5 Measurement of Heat Stress

    6 Measurement of Heat Strain

    7 Assessment of Heat Stress Using the WBGT Index

    8 Assessment of Heat Stress Using the Body Heat Equation

    9 Computer Models for Assessing Human Heat Stress

    10 Human Heat Illness and Prevention

    11 Human Performance and Productivity in the Heat

    12 Skin Burns and Contact with Hot Surfaces


    Ken Parsons is author of the book ‘Human Thermal Environments’ which is in its 3rd Edition. He is Emeritus Professor of Environmental Ergonomics at Loughborough University in the UK having taught and researched in the area of Human response to thermal environments (heat stress, cold stress, thermal comfort..) for over 35 years. He is active in the subject and well placed to report on fundamental principles, application and recent developments in the subject. He holds international positions in China and on British, European and ISO committees.