Human Memory and Amnesia (PLE: Memory)  book cover
1st Edition

Human Memory and Amnesia (PLE: Memory)

Edited By

Laird S. Cermak

ISBN 9781138992252
Published December 18, 2015 by Psychology Press
404 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1982, this book brings together two areas of research previously studied in parallel, with little interaction (particularly in the US): normal memory processing and the amnesic syndrome. When trying to document the relationship between the two it became apparent that there was much crossover and duplication of effort in a number of areas: whether long-term memory and short-term memory truly represent independent storage systems, or are simply points on a continuum; trying to determine the primary locus of variables influencing the rate at which information is lost during retention; whether episodic memory and semantic memory represent two different storage systems, or are simply artifacts produced by different kinds of query to a single memory system and finally, whether visual and verbal memory are independent.

It was written, following a meeting in 1979, by a small group of investigators, brought together to explore this commonality and to share data and theory, thus beginning the promise of a bright future of interdisciplinary interaction in memory research.

Table of Contents

Preface.  1. Daniel L. Schacter and Endel Tulving Amnesia and Memory Research  2. Robert G. Crowder General Forgetting Theory and the Locus of Amnesia  3. Laird S. Cermak The Long and Short of it in Amnesia  4. Elizabeth K. Warrington The Double Dissociation of Short- and Long-Term Memory Deficits  5. Stanley R. Parkinson Performance Deficits in Short-Term Memory Tasks: A Comparison of Amnesic Korsakoff Patients and the Aged  6. Larry L. Jacoby Knowing and Remembering Some Parallels in the Behavior of Korsakoff Patients and Normals  7. Felicia A. Huppert and Malcolm Piercy In Search of the Functional Locus of Amnesic Syndromes  8. Gordon Winocur The Amnesic Syndrome: A Deficit Cue Utilization  9. Frank Wood, Viola Ebert and Marcel Kinsbourne The Episodic-Semantic Memory Distinction in Memory and Amnesia: Clinical and Experimental Observations  10. Marcel Kinsbourne and Frank Wood Theoretical Considerations Regarding the Episodic-Semantic Memory Distinction  11. Judith P. Goggin Storage Differences Between Pictures and Words  12. Elizabeth F. Loftus Remembering Recent Experiences  13. Nelson Butters and Marilyn S. Albert Processes Underlying Failures to Recall Remote Events  14. Larry R. Squire and Neal J. Cohen Remote Memory, Retrograde Amnesia, and the Neuropsychology of Memory  15. Alan Baddeley Amnesia: A Minimal Model and an Interpretation  16. Morris Moscovitch Multiple Dissociations of Function in Amnesia  17. Laird S. Cermak Future Challenges.  Author Index.  Subject Index.

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