1st Edition

Human Paleopsychology Applications To Aggression and Patholoqical Processes

By K. Bailey Copyright 1987
    566 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First Published in 1986. In this book the author seeks to demonstrate his believe that any credible view must grapple not only with human distinctiveness (e.g., learning capacity, language, rationality, and culture), but the dark sides of senseless violence and social disorder as well. Any such grappling with the dark side must necessarily confront our animal natures as well as our distinctly human natures.

    1 Introduction What is Man? 2 The New Biology 3 Ape and Angel Revisited: A Theoretical Perspective 4 Regression-Progression and Human Evolution 5 Fundamental Paleopsychology: Correlates and Consequences of Phylogenetic Regression Correlates 6 The Primers and Elicitors of Phylogenetic Regression 7 Some Special Theory-Derived Primers and Elicitors 8 The Paleopsychology of Motivation and Learning 9 Hierarchical Analysis of Behavior and Misbehavior 10 The Mark of Cain: Old Aggression in a New Age 11 Paleopsychological Bases of Aggression in Humans 12 The Paleopsychology of Pathological Processes


    Kent G. Bailey Virginia Commonwealth University